Additional wrong way driver detection devices coming on line

New locations enhance wrong way driver detection

Date sent: Dec. 21, 2016

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s regional staff has been working towards bringing on line additional wrong way drive detection devices in the region. The new equipment will increase the number of locations which wrong way driver incidents are detected by monitoring equipment. The additional locations further the partnership with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department to reduce and detect wrong way drivers.

The Statewide Traffic Operations Center provides 24 hours staffing to support the monitoring equipment and provide timely information to law enforcement and the public concerning wrong way drivers. The new locations will be coming on line before the end of the year and will be fully integrated into the system early in 2017.

The new locations for the equipment are:

I-41 894 US 45 northbound at Beloit Road
I-41 894 US 45 northbound at National Avenue
I-41 US 45 southbound at WIS 190 Capitol Drive
I-43 northbound at Green Bay Road and Capitol
I-43 northbound at Silver Spring Port Washington Road
I-94 northbound at Howard Avenue
I-94 northbound at Walker Ramps
I-94 southbound at Mineral Ramps East - (6th Street)
I-94 southbound at Mineral Ramps West - (9th Street)
WIS 145 FDL Avenue at 107th Street
WIS 145 FDL Avenue at 91st Street