Rigid pavements

Research to advance and promote effective materials, design, construction and maintenance for concrete pavements. Investigates Portland Cement Concrete, aggregates, base courses, drainage, implementation of MEPDG and more.

Please contact staff at research@dot.wi.gov for research published before FFY 2006.

Research in progress

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​Project title and principal investigator

​Completion date

​0092-18-01​Evaluation of Penetrating Sealers Applied to Saw Cut Faces in Concrete Pavement Joints
Danny Xiao, University of Wisconsin - Platteville
​0092-17-07​Evaluation of Current WI Mixes Using Performance Engineered Mixtures Testing Protocols
Signe Reichelt, Behnke Materials Engineering, L.L.C.
​0092-18-02​Non-Cementitious Repair Materials
Prashant Ram, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
​​0092-14-05​Comparison of Fresh Concrete Air Content Test Methods & Analysis of Hardened Air Content in Wisconsin Pavements
Steven Cramer, University of Wisconsin - Madison​
​0092-17-03​Evaluation of the Effects of Deicers on Concrete Durability
Danny Xiao, University of Wisconsin - Platteville
​0092-16-01​Joint Sawing Practices and Effects on Durability
James Crovetti, Marquette University

Completed research

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​Project title

​Completion date


​Better Concrete Mixes for Rapid Repair in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Class F Fly Ash Assessment for Use in Concrete Pavement

Final report


​Laboratory Study of Optimized Concrete Pavement Mixtures

Final report Research brief



Laboratory Study of High Performance Curing Compounds for Concrete Pavements

Final report Research brief


​Performance and Design of Bridge Approach Panels in Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Laboratory Study for Comparison of Class C Versus Class F Fly Ash for Concrete Pavement

Final report Research brief


​Evaluation of Test Methods for Permeability (Transport) and Development of Performance Guidelines for Durability

Pooled fund website


​Implementation of Concrete Pavement Mixture Design and Analysis (MDA) Track of Concrete Pavement Road Map

Pooled fund website


​Performance Study of Longitudinal Cracking on Widened Panels

Final report Research brief


​Field Study of Air Content Stability in the Slip Form Paving Process

Final report


​Statewide Pavement Friction Testing 2012

Final report


​Laboratory Study of Concrete Properties to Support Implementation of the New AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

Final report Research brief


​Partial Depth Repair of Concrete Pavements in Wisconsin

Final report


​Reduction of Minimum Required Weight of Cementitious Materials in Concrete Mixes

Final report Research brief


​Investigation of Early Distress in Wisconsin Rubblized Pavements

Final report


​Detecting Deleterious Fine Particles in Concrete Aggregates and Defining Their Impact

Final report Research brief



Performance Evaluation of Open Graded Base Course with Doweled and Nondoweled Transverse Joints

Final report Research brief



​Evaluation of Various Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Thicknesses over Rubblized Concrete Pavement

Final report


​Analysis of High Performance Concrete Sections Along I-90 Near Tomah, Wisconsin

Final report


​Evaluation of Concrete Inlay for Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation

Final report


​Dowel Bar Retrofit Performance in Wisconsin

Final report


​Performance Assessment of Wisconsin

Final report Research brief


​Eclipse Shrinkage Reducing Admixture Product Evaluation

Final report


​Investigative Study of the Italgrip System

Final report


​Evaluation of MMFX 2 Steel Corrosion-Resistant Dowel Bars In Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement

Final report




​An Asset Management Approach to Drainage Infrastructure and Culverts

Pooled fund website Final report


​Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavement over Rubblized PCC

Final report Research brief


​Improving Full Depth Concrete Repair

Final report Research brief


​Material and Construction Optimization for Prevention of Premature Pavement Distress in PCC Pavements

Pooled fund website >Final report


​Analysis of Concrete Pavement Joints to Predict the Onset of Distress

Final reportResearch brief


​Expanded Study on the Effects of Aggregate Coating and Films on Concrete Performance

Final reportResearch brief


​Evaluation of Methods for Characterizing Air Void Systems in Wisconsin Paving Concrete

Final reportResearch brief


​Effects of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) - Expanded Study

Final reportResearch brief


​Wet Pavements Crash Study of Longitudinal and Transverse Tined PCC Pavements

Final report


​Evaluation of the URETEK Method of Pavement Lifting

Final report


​USH 16 Oconomowoc Bypass Report of Early Distress Portland Concrete Pavement and Glomark Pavement Marking

Final report


​Development and Implementation of a Performance-Related Specification for a Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement--I-39/90/94 Madison, Wisconsin

Final report


​Investigation of Concrete Properties to Support Implementation of the New AASHTO Pavement Design Guide

Final report Research brief


​Cost-Effective Concrete Pavement Cross Sections

Final report


​Research and Development of the Application of FHWA

Final report Research brief