Transportation Reading Challenge

The Transportation Reading Challenge supports the state’s Read to Lead initiative by encouraging children to read 10 books about transportation. It provides a reading goal and a fun way to learn about transportation.

Rules and prizes

  • Children up to age 10 may participate.
  • Participants must have the signed permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Participants must read 10 age-appropriate books and record the title, along with the date each book was completed.

Participants must read:

  1. One book with a bicycle in the story
  2. One book with a car in the story
  3. One book with a truck in the story
  4. One book with a bus in the story
  5. One book with a boat in the story
  6. One book with a train in the story
  7. One book with an airplane in the story
  8. One book with walking in the story
  9. Two books with any type of transportation in the story.
  • Books can repeat the categories above (car, bus, etc.) or involve other forms of transportation – hot air balloon, spaceship, etc.
  • There is no set time period for completing the books.
  • There is no limit to the number of Reading Challenge Tickets that can be completed by one participant; however, each completed ticket must contain 10 unique book titles.

Take the challenge

Print a copy of the completed and signed Reading Challenge Ticket and mail it to: Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Office of Public Affairs, P.O. Box 7910, Madison, WI 53707-7910.

Completed Reading Challenge Tickets will be entered into periodic prize drawings for small safety items or a chance to visit with a transportation professional.
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will determine date/time of periodic prize drawings.
Winning entries will be removed and not eligible for future prize drawings.
Winners will be notified via the mail or e-mail contact provided on the completed Reading Challenge Ticket.

All completed Reading Challenge Tickets become the property of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and may be subject to disclosure under the state’s open records law.


Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Office of Public Affairs, (608) 266-3581,