State Traffic Operations Center (STOC)

WisDOT State Traffic Operations Center (STOC) handles traffic management for the state of Wisconsin. The physical operations center is located in Southeastern Wisconsin in the City of Milwaukee.Traffic board and room at STOC

The STOC is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and communicates regularly with sheriff, fire, police and Wisconsin State Patrol, as well as media outlets and construction project managers.

From the STOC, it is possible to use various traffic management tools, such as: closed circuit television units, ramp meters, variable message signs (VMS), highway advisory radio (HAR), roadway sensors and other tools. It is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of the Milwaukee freeway system by reducing incidents and relieving traffic congestion.

Some benefits of the STOC

  • Detailed information about current travel conditions and times in urban regions enable travelers to make informed decisions about how they travel.
  • Agencies are able to respond faster and more efficiently to interruptions in travel caused by emergencies, accidents, breakdowns, weather and increased congestion.
  • Reduced congestion improves air quality, decreases noise pollution and lowers fuel consumption.
  • Trucks and other commercial vehicles are able to move through urban regions with minimal delays, helping the freight industry maintain lower costs to consumers.

All the benefits of the STOC contribute to and enhance the economic viability of the state. The technologies of the STOC improve travel by using the transportation network already in place across the state.

Real-time traffic information

Visit 511 Wisconsin Travel Information or dial 511 for the most current travel information in Wisconsin