DTSD Innovation Review Committee and State Transportation Innovation Council

​The WisDOT Division of Transportation System Development (DTSD) Innovation Review Committee (IRC) and State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) are committed to supporting the department’s goals of accelerated piloting, testing and adoption of promising materials, technologies and/or processes. The IRC functions as a team used for collecting and evaluating potential internal innovations and the STIC functions as a resource for gathering input from key external stakeholders when necessary.

Together the IRC and STIC:

  • Foster an organizational culture that supports innovative thinking and sharing of ideas
  • Identify and implement innovations that align with Federal, State, Industry and Department goals
  • Include key stakeholders – both internal and external – in decision making, vetting and implementation processes
  • Use aggressive expansion of Information Technology (IT) capabilities to create efficiencies and increase quality
  • Enhance Division communication regarding expansion of innovative ideas and principles

The DTSD Innovation Review Committee (IRC) is a diverse group ofDTSD Innovation Review Committee internal stakeholders that quickly evaluate idea submissions and identify a path for vetting and implementation if deemed appropriate. The IRC consists of members representing each DTSD bureau and region along with advisory staff from the WisDOT Bureau of Information Technology Services and Office of Policy Finance.  In addition, the members of the IRC also span a variety of functional areas to ensure proper input early in the process.

The concept of a State Transportation Innovation Council came from the first round oState Transportation Innovation Council f Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Every Day Counts Initiative (EDC1).  The structure follows Federal Highways Administration guidance on establishing a State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) where the idea is to have state-wide representation of external stakeholders that will provide input and guidance when innovative ideas will reach outside of our organization. Examples of membership include Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin County Highways Association, Wisconsin Towns Association, Tribal Affairs, Wisconsin Local Technical Assistance Program, National Army Core of Engineers, American Public Works Association, American Council of Engineering Companies, Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association and others.