eMV Fleet processing

​eMV Fleet processing

If you have already been authorized to use eMV Fleet, access eMV Fleet processing.

If you have not been authorized to use eMV Fleet, get started in eMV Fleet.

Users of eMV Fleet can:

  • process registration renewals 
  • order replacement plates
  • receive renewal notification by email
  • receive their vehicle certificate of registration instantly via a PDF file that can be printed or emailed to the location where the vehicle is kept
  • have stickers available instantly
  • change their vehicle kept in information
  • authorize a 3rd party processor to process their fleet transactions
  • self-certify their non-operation period
  • renew a vehicle for multiple quarters

eMV Fleet team
Email DOTEMVFLEET@dot.wi.gov   
Phone (608) 264-7358​