What to do if your occupational license is denied

If you are denied an occupational license at a DMV Customer Service Center because you have: 

  • Three OWI convictions within five years 
  • 24 or more demerit points within one year

You may petition the circuit court in your county of residence for an occupational license if all required waiting periods​ are over. 

​Your petition to the court must include: 

  • A copy of your driver record
  • The occupational license denial letter you received from the DMV
  • Completed Driver License Application MV3001
  • Completed Application for Occupational License MV3027
  • The required occupational license issuance fee​

​If the court grants your request for an occupational license, take the court order to a DMV Customer Service Center

Your occupational license will be issued if you meet all other eligibility​ requirements, such as:

  • SR22 insurance on file with the DMV
  • Ignition Interlock Device installation and/or court ordered exemption for all vehicles 

Important: If you were denied an occupational license because you have two or more revocation or suspension cases from separate incidents within a one year period,you will still not be eligible for an occupational license. Wisconsin state statute 343.10(2)​ prohibits issuance of an occupational license to a person with two revocation or suspension cases from separate incidents within a one year period.

Under these circumstances, even if you petition the court and the court grants your petition for an occupational license, DMV will continue to deny issuance of the occupational license in accordance with state statute.

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