Stormwater management

Legal requirements

  • FDM 10-1-2 storm water legal issues
  • TRANS 401 construction site erosion control and storm water management

FDM references



  • FDM 10-40-1 maintenance best management practices (BMPs)
  • FDM 10-40-5 street sweeping
  • FDM 20-10-10 federal natural resource policies and regulations (regulations for controlling certain activities in waters of the United States, guidelines for specification of disposal sites for dredged or fill material)
  • FDM 20-15-1 federal transportation agreements with other federal agencies (DOT/Department of Army MOU related to the implementation of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act)


  • FDM 20-20-15 state water resource statutes
  • FDM 20-25-1 state natural resource regulations (NR 116 Floodplain Management Program, NR 299 Water Quality Certification)
  • FDM 20-30-1 state agency agreements (WisDOT/WDNR Cooperative Agreement, WisDOT/DATCP cooperative agreement, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program MOU)
  • FDM 21-25-25 Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) floodplain reports (requirements)


See the forms and tools page for factor sheets and guidance

Stormwater drainage summary report 

Stormwater drainage water quality report 

References and tools

Transportation Synthesis Reports

Use of compost for erosion control: a survey of state practice

Selecting flocculants for transportation sites

Grass swales: gauging their ability to remove pollutants from highway stormwater runoff

FHWA information/guidebooks