Safe Routes to School - Mileage Club

Walk and Bike to School posterThe Wisconsin Safe Routes to School program provides all the materials you need to kickoff a Mileage Club at your school.

What is a Mileage Club?

Mileage clubs and contests encourage children to begin walking and biking to school by making it fun and rewarding. Frequent walker and biker punch cards are provided so children can track their travel behavior. Children who participate receive small prizes to recognize and encourage their efforts.

There are several ways you can run your Mileage Club program. Depending on the school, the competition aspect may be emphasized, and the rewards can be elaborate or simple. In rural areas or other places where the route to school is unsafe or difficult to walk or bicycle, the activity can be modified by providing credit for distance walked and bicycled at home, to and from a bus stop, or during the school day on campus.

How to design your Mileage Club

Mileage clubs and contests are usually designed in one of three ways:SRTS Mileage Club Punch card

  1. On an individual basis where every child logs miles walked or bicycled.
  2. As a classroom competition where a classroom’s collective miles are compared with other classes.
  3. As a competition among schools.

No matter which format you pick, these quick steps should help you get your program started:

  1. Identify a coordinator and (if necessary) obtain the school’s support.
  2. Decide how children can accrue mileage (on the way to school, at home or on the school campus).
  3. Create a system for logging and tracking mileage or the number of times walked/bicycled. You can order punch cards or download tally sheets for this purpose.
  4. Decide if you want additional incentives beyond the ones provided.
  5. Promote the program. Posters and sample newsletters are available.
  6. Hold a kickoff event.
  7. Recognize and reward participation.
  8. Track participation.
  9. Make changes as needed.

Order or download materials

You can order promotional posters, punch cards and toe tokens to use as rewards by completing the form.

  • Promotional posters – Order “Join the Fun!” posters to encourage participation in your mileage club. Posters have room at the bottom to write the dates of the event. You can order posters in English, Spanish or Hmong.
  • Frequent walker/bicyclist punch cards – Help children keep track of the number of times they walk or bike to school with these colorful punch cards. Students get a punch on each day they walk or bike to school.
  • Incentives – Order Safe Routes to School toe tokens to reward students for their walking and biking efforts. Toe tokens are small, colorful, collectible plastic feet that are strung onto a chain so they can be attached to a backpack.

Daily classroom tally sheet

Use this sheet to track how many students walk or bike each day before, during or after the Mileage Club event. By doing so, you can see if there is a change in student travel as a result of your promotion. This sheet also can be used to conduct a competition between classrooms.

Sample parent letter

This template is available to help with your outreach efforts. Help make your school community aware of this new program.

Program evaluation form

By completing and returning this form you can help us to understand how to best meet your Safe Routes to School program needs.

Additional information:

The National Center for Safe Routes to School has great examples of mileage clubs in practice.

​For more information email