US 10 Corridor Preservation - Amherst to Fremont


US 10, Lake Drive (near Amherst) to the WIS 96/110 interchange (near Fremont)
Portage and Waupaca counties


This section of US 10 currently carries 12,500 to 20,800 vehicles per day. The primary objective of the US 10 Corridor Preservation Study is to protect the state's investment in this important east/west route and to ensure that the highway continues to operate safely and efficiently.

By officially mapping and preserving the right of way needed for future conversion to a freeway, the department can achieve the study objectives, while providing local communities with information needed to plan for future development.

Future freeway conversion

Currently, this section of US 10 is classified as an "expressway." Expressways provide access to and from the highway through interchanges, local roads, and private driveways. As US 10 is converted to a freeway, all at-grade, stop-controlled intersections would be replaced by well-spaced interchanges, grade separations (overpasses and underpasses), cul-de-sacs, and alternate connections that safely balance the access needs of the adjacent areas with the safety of the highway.


This study will provide for future freeway conversion. No construction or real estate acquisition is scheduled. Freeway conversion will take place as mobility or safety concerns warrant changes, and when funding is available.​

Next steps in the official mapping process include:

  • Alternatives for corridor preservation will be developed and discussed at a future public involvement meeting.
  • Then, a preferred alternative will be chosen. The Environmental Document and official map will be prepared.
  • We will conduct two public hearings:
    • For the Environmental Document
    • For the official map
  • The official map of future right of way will be recorded at the County Register of Deeds. All property owners with mapped properties will be notified via registered mail when the map is recorded. The notification will include a copy of the map page(s) showing the affected property.
  • A title search for the property would identify it as being officially mapped.


  • Complete alternative analysis - Winter 2017/2018
  • Local official/agency meeting - Spring 2018
  • Public involvement meeting - Summer 2018
  • Recommend preferred alternative - Fall 2018
  • Complete preliminary design - Winter 2018/2020
  • Local official/agency meeting - Winter 2020
  • Complete draft Environmental Document - Winter 2020/2021
  • Public hearing for Environmental Document - Spring 2021
  • Approve Environmental Document - Fall 2021
  • Complete draft official map - Winter 2022/2023
  • Public hearing for official map - Spring 2023
  • Complete official map process - Spring 2023


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