WIS 22 (US 51 to WIS 16)

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Project location

WIS 22 Pavement replacement, US 51 to WIS 16, Columbia County

Project overview

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is in the process of developing plans for a proposed project on WIS 22 that is located in Columbia County. The purpose of the project is to replace the existing pavement surface that has exceeded its service life. The project begins on the north of the WIS 60 intersection and extends northerly approximately 11 miles to the southern limits of the WIS 16 Interchange. Proposed improvements include using the Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) process to mill and relay the existing asphalt pavement and overlaying the entire roadway width with 4 inches of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). The proposed typical section for WIS 22 consists of one 12-foot travel lane in each direction with a 6-foot-wide shoulder (5-foot paved) on the left- and right-hand sides. Right-of-way acquisition will be required for intersection geometric improvements and roadway sideslope corrections identified through the preliminary design process. Construction of the project is scheduled for 2019, but may be advanced to 2018 if funding is available.

Additional WIS 22 roadway improvements include the following:

  • Upgrade select intersections to current geometric standards
  • Removal of existing beam guard and turn-down terminal ends
  • Protection of existing roadside hazards within the roadway clear zone (i.e., steep slopes, non-traversable slopes, fixed objects)
  • Rehabilitation and extension of select culvert pipes
  • Replacement of existing signing and pavement markings to upgrade to current standards
  • Realignment and reconstruction of the Allen Road/County CS West intersection


Current (this year)

  • Summer 2018 - Construction anticipated

Past (prior to today)

Traffic impacts/detours

WIS 22 will be closed to through traffic during construction. A marked detour will be posted. Local and emergency access will be maintained throughout construction.



Contact information

Mahesh Shrestha, P.E., WisDOT Project Manager
(608) 245-2674

Michael Bie, WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager
(608) 246-7928

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