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Completed Studies/Projects

US 14 Corridor Study

The US 14 Corridor Study was completed in 2014, which looked at identifying areas to improve the safety and operations of existing US 14 between WIS 92 (south of Oregon) to I-39 (near Janesville). The study focused on improvements that could be applied within the existing right of way.

A Corridor Management Plan was created that documented and evaluated the existing conditions along the corridor and recommended improvements that could be incorporated into existing and future projects. No four lane expansion, new alignment or bypasses were explored.  

Future Studies/Projects

The US 14 Corridor Study revealed that increasing traffic volumes along the corridor may require WisDOT to evaluate the need for additional lanes in the future. However, evaluating any highway expansion would require a study of a much larger and broader scope. Such a study would involve the completion of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to develop a range of reasonable alternatives and evaluate the alternatives’ impacts.

Any future study will also require the commitment of funds not only for the study, but for construction as well. Funding for this type of study and construction requires approvals from the Transportation Projects Commission and the legislature. It must also compete statewide for funding with similar projects of greater or equal need.

With current fiscal constraints, WisDOT has no current plans to initiate a study to expand US 14 between Oregon and Janesville.

US 14, County M to US 51, Rock County

  • Project length - 13 miles
  • Work to be completed:
    • Resurfacing (milling and asphalt overlay) of US 14. 
    • Intersection improvements (turn lanes and bypass lanes) at major intersections throughout the corridor.
    • Bridge Maintenance repairs at the Rock River Bridge.
  • 2020 - Construction anticipated

US 14, WIS 138 – WIS 92, Dane County

This project began by exploring a range of options including a potential new highway alignment located to the west of the existing US 14. These alternatives ranged from a new two-lane highway to a four-lane divided roadway with interchanges. As with all WisDOT projects, other options, including improving the existing corridor and spot improvements, were also considered as well. 

While weighing each alternative with its expected safety benefit, environmental impact, cost, and delivery timeline, WisDOT has elected to improve the existing roadway.

  • Project length - 5 miles
  • Work to be completed: 
    • Resurface of US 14. 
    • Review the corridor for possible safety improvements. 
    • Project is currently in the early design.
  • 2022 - Construction anticipated

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