Grantee quarterly update

​2018 Governor’s Conference - save the date |  Upcoming Grant-Related Due Dates |  Approved PBT Equipment | Community Maps & TraCS | Updates from the Crash Records Unit  | New BOTS Staff Announcements  | Approved Strategic Highway Safety Plan

2018 Governor’s Conference - save the date

WisDOT is pleased to announce the 44th Annual Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety will be held at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva from August 21-23, 2018.

This event provides an opportunity for transportation safety practitioners to learn more about current evidence-based practices in education, enforcement, and partnerships to reduce traffic fatalities.

Please mark your calendar to join us for this informative and collaborative event.

Upcoming Grant-Related Due Dates

The federal fiscal 2018 grant year is running at full speed. All occupant protection and impaired driving grants should be “Active” in Wise Grants, or nearly so. Additionally, many agencies will notice that mobilization grants have resumed.  The first drawing has been completed and grants have been pushed to recipients. Below you will find upcoming activities and deadlines pertaining to grant work. Please take note so that we can continue timely processing of reimbursements and applications.  As a reminder, grants shall not begin deployments or reimbursable purchases until the grant is listed as “Active”, as discussed in the Mandatory Grant Trainings.

  • January 15:   Monthly enforcement activity report for December due.  Please submit ASAP if not yet completed.
  • January 31:   Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over reports due for agencies that participated in the December 15th - January 1st Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over winter holiday enforcement  mobilization.  Grant reimbursement reports are due by January 31.
  • Mid - February:   Winter mobilization drawing (agencies will see a project agreement populate in 
    Wise Grants when accepting the respective mobilization’s activity report)
    Targeting for speed enforcement grants completed
  • February 15:  Monthly Enforcement activity report for January due
  • March 15:  Monthly enforcement activity report for February due
  • April 1: Targeted speed enforcement grants pushed to agencies

Approved PBT Equipment

The State of Wisconsin has specific regulations on which PBTs (Preliminary Breath Test Equipment) are permitted for use. It has been brought to our attention that a PBT, the Intoxilyzer 500 – which has not been approved in Wisconsin at this time - is being distributed to law enforcement agencies throughout the state. If your agency has one of these, it should not be used for lawful purposes.  A list of approved PBTs is available on the WisDOT website. 

Community Maps & TraCS

As many of you know, WisDOT TraCS and the Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory have combined efforts to import all crashes that have been mapped using the TraCS Locator Tool (TLT) directly onto Community Maps as early as the day after a crash has been transmitted.  Because crashes reported without a TLT location are not mapped, please contact Darlene Schwartz at if you are experiencing problems with your TLT function.   These accurate and timely crash locations are utilized at your county Traffic Safety Commission (TSC) meetings each quarter to review local crash trends and implement preventive countermeasures.  They are also utilized at the state level for grant and resource allocation. For more information about Community Maps and your local county TSC (under the TSC Resources tab), please visit the Community Maps website. 

Updates from the Crash Records Unit

  • Beginning January 1, 2018, the state will no longer be accepting the MV4002 paper form. Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to discard or recycle them. All driver reported crashes must be completed online through the DOT website located at this web address:
  • Driver Report of Crash reports (DT4002) are to be completed online only by the driver, vehicle owner, or injured participant(s).
  • Information cards to hand to crash participants that explain the current requirements are available on the website.
  • The Driver Exchange of Crash Information has been updated to direct participants to the DOT website to obtain a crash report.
  • Please advise crash participants to use a DOT document number or their driver’s license number and crash date to search for their report online. If all the participant has is a CFS or case number, they will be directed back to the local law enforcement agency.
  • Status of crash report availability is checked online at our website and not by calling in to CRU. The status will be checked by CRU on crash reports occurring more than two weeks ago.

New BOTS Staff Announcements

Please join BOTS in welcoming two additions to our Transportation Safety Programs Unit.

Ian Wright accepted the position of State Program Manager (SPM), which he began in October. He will be working with Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety programming statewide, the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee, as well as enforcement grants in the southwest region of Wisconsin. Many of you may know Ian from his previous role as the Operations Program Assistant and his work to ensure a successful Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety in 2017. Ian can be reached at or (608) 709-0066

Diana Guinn is an Office Operations Associate providing program support for the Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program and other transportation safety programs within the unit.  On her off time, she is a RiderCoach for Southwest Technical College and a QA Team Specialist for the Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program.  Diana can be reached at or (608) 709-0093.

Approved Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The Wisconsin 2017-20 Strategic Highway Safety Plan has been accepted by the Federal Highway Administration.

This document is considered a blueprint for highway safety initiatives for the state of Wisconsin for the next three years.  Visit the safety publications webpage for more information.