Badger TraCS users conferences

Badger TraCS users conferences are held annually in the fall for law enforcement agencies that have attended TraCS training and have a TraCS license. The meetings provide current and future TraCS related topics, one-on-one TraCS support and an opportunity for law enforcement to network with other agencies. The conference is a great opportunity to see how other agencies use TraCS and how they deal with certain issues.

2016 Badger TraCS Users Conference Webcast Sessions 

Darlene Schwartz presents updates to TraCS and what's coming down the road. (31 minutes)  Randy Romanski and Andi Bill provides some history and updates to the new crash form that will be implemented on 1/1/2017. (37 minutes) 

Geri Polster and Paul Thompson presents learning how to efficiently interpret and effectively present your TraCS data by utilizing new reporting tools and improved analysis tools, in a simple, yet informative manner. Explore enhanced canned reports and an improved pin mapping tool which will help to identify trends and assist in the development of planning, deployment, and mitigation strategies with minimal turnaround time. (71 minutes)

Beth Nichols, Jason Lierman and Andy Thoms present TraCS fundamental tools. They review the new TraCS Location Tool (TLT), the improved Violation Search Tool, (which is not just for statutes anymore) and give a refresher on the TraCS diagram tool. (61 minutes)

John Egan and Matt Drought present information on Backup Document Numbers and Auto-update Settings at Log On.  This helps reduce duplicate form numbers and standardizes TraCS settings.  They will also review the configuration wizards and their use.   They show how machine specific Configuration Wizards are created, and things to keep in mind when using the wizards. (57 minutes)


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