State Patrol trooper/inspector


Serve as a State Patrol trooper or inspector

The Wisconsin State Patrol has a proud tradition of serving and protecting the public. Since 1939, the dedicated men and women of the State Patrol have worked to promote highway safety and enhance the quality of life for all Wisconsin citizens and visitors by providing professional, competent and compassionate law enforcement services. If you like helping​ others and enjoy giving back to your state and community, a challenging career with the State Patrol could be right for you.

Experience in law enforcement is not a requirement. If accepted into the State Patrol Academy, you will learn everything needed to serve as a state trooper or inspector during the paid, six-month training process. Recruits now have up to five years to earn the required associate degree or at least 60 college credits.

Application process

It's expected the next State Patrol open recruitment process will begin in the fall of 2020.  People interested in serving as a trooper or inspector are encouraged to sign up for future recruitment information.

Applicants must successfully pass/complete all phases of the hiring process which includes, but is not limited to:

  • online application via​
  • review of driving record and criminal history
  • a background investigation​
  • an interview
  • written psychological test and oral psychological interview
  • medical examination including drug screening, hearing and vision tests
  • physical readiness test standards

Salary and benefits

  • Starting salary is $21 per hour
  • State Patrol troopers and inspectors are represented by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Bargaining Unit
  • Benefits

Minimum requirements

Before an applicant may begin employment as a State Patrol trooper or inspector, they must meet recruitment qualifications established by the state of Wisconsin, the Law Enforcement Standards Board and the Wisconsin State Patrol. These recruitment qualifications include:

  1. Authorization to work in the United States (form I-9).
  2. Male applicants between the ages of 18 through 25 must be registered with the Selective Service as mandated in Wis. Stats. 230.143. (This registration requirement does not apply to female applicants.)
  3. No felony convictions or any offense which if committed in Wisconsin could be punished as a felony.
  4. Valid driver's license or other valid operator's permit recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation prior to completion of the preparatory training course.
  5. Minimum age requirement of 18 years.
  6. Possession of high school diploma/GED.
  7. Possession of a two-year associate degree from an accredited college or university; OR have earned at least 60 associate degree level credits or higher; OR must earn a two-year associate degree or 60 associate degree level credits within five years of employment with the State Patrol.
  8. Good character as determined through applicant fingerprinting search and a background investigation conducted by Wisconsin State Patrol.
  9. Free from any physical, emotional or mental conditions, which might adversely affect performance of duties as a law enforcement officer.
  10. Vision Requirement: Minimum uncorrected vision is 20/100 in each eye, correctable to 20/20 with glasses, hard contacts or soft contacts. Any applicant having vision correction surgery must have had surgery a minimum of 6 months prior to appointment and provide written medical verification at the time of examination that no complications exist.
  11. Hearing Requirement: Hearing assessment by an Audiogram is required as part of the medical evaluation. Any applicants requiring or using hearing aids will need to bring in documentation from a licensed audiologist showing corrected hearing meets requirements of: not more than a 35db loss in either ear when averaging the loss at 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000hz

State Patrol Academy

Successful applicants will begin their employment as "cadets" and undergo approximately 25 rigorous weeks of comprehensive paid law enforcement training at the State Patrol Academy. These weeks of law enforcement training are a requirement of even the most qualified cadets regardless of previous law enforcement experience, education or training. Cadets must live at the academy during the week and return home on the weekends. There is no charge for room and board at the academy.

Prior to graduating the academy, employees will need to complete the same physical readiness test and meet more stringent physical standards. Upon satisfactory completion of training and the physical readiness test, cadets will be sworn in as State Patrol troopers or inspectors and assigned to one of five regions around the state. Geographical selection and placement for these positions shall be determined by academic class rank, with the cadet having the higher rank selecting the first vacancy of their choice, etc. Therefore, cadets must be willing to accept any geographical location and classification (trooper or inspector) throughout the state. After receiving their assignment, cadets may be eligible for moving expense reimbursement, temporary lodging and a stipend of $1,000.

Other helpful information

Videos highlighting State Patrol trooper/inspector training

For more information contact Megan Reichel at (608) 267-4471 or the State Patrol Academy at (844) 847-1234.