WisDOT hosting webinars on the future of electric vehicles in Wisconsin

​Two upcoming webinars will give the public an opportunity to learn about how WisDOT is planning to expand access to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the state. The webinars will inform the public about the initiative and provide opportunity to submit feedback that will help shape the development of the plan.




No pre-registration is required. Participants are advised to log on a few minutes before the beginning of the webinar to launch the virtual meeting. The webinar will be live-streamed, and participants will be able to submit comments or questions.




WisDOT estimates receiving approximately $78.65 million over the next five years under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. Today most EV charging is accomplished at home. To support long distance  EV trips and overcome range anxiety, NEVI funds will be used to develop a network of publicly accessible charging stations along Wisconsin's Alternative Fuel Corridors. [KMJD1] 


To meet this goal, WisDOT kicked off a statewide transportation electrification planning study in January 2022, and in March launched the federally required Wisconsin Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (WEVI) plan development process.


The WEVI plan will define comprehensive strategies and actions to facilitate the electrification of Wisconsin's transportation system. It will also assess potential agency efforts that advance electrification and the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. Finally, the WEVI plan will include recommendations on how Wisconsin will administer federal NEVI funding over the next five years.


Visit the WisDOT website for more information on electric vehicles in Wisconsin