Wisconsin DMV reminds motor carriers to file IRS form 2290 before bi-annual plate renewal

​Release date: October 25, 2021

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reminds motor carriers who are preparing to renew their heavy truck registration to first file IRS form 2290 before renewing their license plates with the DMV.​

Motor carriers will begin to receive their notices to renew their heavy vehicle registration in early November. Vehicles that are not exempt from Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) must follow​ this two-step process to renew registration before DMV will send a Certificate of Vehicle Registration and 2022 stickers:

  1. First file IRS form 2290
  2. Mail a copy of the paid IRS form 2290 (keep the original) when you send in your truck registration renewal to the DMV 

IRS form 2290 is the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) that goes into the Federal Highway Trust Fund. HVUT is an annual federal highway-use tax on heavy vehicles (gross weight of 55,000 lbs. and greater) paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The federal government distributes revenues back to the states for highway construction and maintenance projects. A carrier must send proof of payment of the HVUT to the DMV along with their vehicle registration renewal. Proof of payment may be either:

  • A copy of a receipted schedule 1 (from IRS form 2290) with a copy, both sides, of their canceled check, or
  • A copy of the electronic receipt of Schedule 1 showing the dated e-file watermark, or a copy of the IRS form 2290 with a copy of the electronic IRS payment confirmation screen.

​For more information about e-filing of IRS form 2290 visit the IRS website.

Other WisDOT resources available to help motor carriers include:

  • eMV Fleet (wisconsindmv.gov/e-MVFleet) where businesses with multiple vehicle types, including heavy trucks, trailers, fleet cars and vehicles registered at 54,000 lbs and under, can manage their fleet’s license plates. They can view their entire fleet on a customizable dashboard, select vehicles scheduled for renewal, renew and pay online. 
  • WisDOT's website, wisconsindmv.gov/trucking, offers detailed information on HVUT and other links to online services. It has information on credentials for vehicles that cross state lines and those that operate within Wisconsin only, oversize/overweight vehicle permits, commercial driver license (CDL) information, motor carrier enforcement and truck safety, forms and publications and related links.
  • The Wisconsin Motor Carrier Interstate Start-up Packet​ has information on operating a motor carrier in and includes a quick resource for forms and links to web pages to comply with federal and state regulations.

For more information, contact:

WisDOT Office of Public Affairs
(608) 266-3581, opa.exec@dot.wi.gov