Governor Walker announces infrastructure improvements completed in Northeast Region of Wisconsin

​2017 was a year for enhancing the future of Wisconsin roadways

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) announce their “Year in Review” of state and federal projects that were completed in 2017.  WisDOT continued to focus on the effective use of resources, cost saving opportunities, and performance improvement. Mobility, accountability, preservation, safety, and service continue to be the departments’ performance goals. 

“Under Governor Walker’s leadership, WisDOT is operating under a new paradigm. Governor Walker directed WisDOT to reinvest let savings to advance a number of highway projects, identify cost savings and efficiencies, and effectively use its resources while maintaining a focus on safety,” said Dave Ross, WisDOT Secretary. “We remain committed to continuing to move Wisconsin forward in 2018.”

In Fiscal Year 2017, 600 miles of State Trunk Highway and local highways were improved and work was initiated or completed to rehabilitate or replace 387 deficient state and local bridges. In all, more than $946 million in construction projects on state and local road systems were contracted through the Department of Transportation.

Northeast Region project highlights for 2017 include: 

  • WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion Project (Winnebago & Outagamie Counties): WIS 441 will be completed a year early. Savings announced in April 2017 moved projects forward in the WIS 441 expansion, creating opportunities to complete the project a year early and minimize traffic impacts along this corridor. The WIS 441/Oneida Street diverging diamond interchange will not be completed in 2018.  Project website:
  • I-43 Resurfacing and Bridge Overlays (Brown County): Crews made improvements to 10.5 miles of I-43 from WIS 96 to WIS 172 in southern Brown County. Work included resurfacing and concrete base patching of mainline I-43, replacing the bridge deck at County MM/I-43, concrete repair of existing I-43 ramps, spot concrete improvement on WIS 96 west of I-43/WIS 96 interchange, and concrete overlays of existing bridge decks on I-43. Project website
  • WIS 32 (Ashland Avenue) Resurfacing and Bridge Replacement (Brown County): Crews improved 3.2 miles of WIS 32 (Ashland Ave.) from 8th Street in De Pere to Lombardi Avenue in Ashwaubenon. Work included resurfacing of roadway with some deeper repairs to fix rutting at the various intersections, replacing two bridges on WIS 32 over Ashwaubenon Creek, and replacing wing walls on the east end of the box culvert over Dutchman’s Creek. The project started in early February to complete all bridge and structure work before the 2017 Packer season and associated increases in traffic. Project website:
  • I-41 Resurfacing, Ramp, and Bridge Structure Work (Outagamie County): Crews made numerous road and safety improvements to 10.35 miles of I-41 from County Road J in Outagamie County to Orange Lane in Brown County. The 9-month project was conducted under traffic, mostly at night, to not greatly affect the high volume of traffic on the interstate. Work included resurfacing existing pavement, polymer high-friction surface treatment application on bridge decks, Apple Creek bridge deck repair, expansion of capacity at the County S Park and Ride, reconstruction of the Wrightstown Weigh Station ramps, and the addition of an auxiliary lane from the weigh station to County U northbound I-41 off-ramp. Project website:
  • WIS 29 and WIS 156 Safety Improvements (Brown and Shawano Counties): This project spans two construction seasons with multiple highway projects on WIS 29, WIS 156, and local roads on the Brown and Shawano County Line. Work in 2017 included relocation of WIS 156 onto Old 29 Drive to the WIS 29/32 interchange, resurfacing 4 miles of WIS 156 and 2 miles of new WIS 156, and reconstructing the intersection of County Y and Old 29 Drive. Construction of a new overpass at WIS 29/St. Augustine Road will finish in 2018. Project website:
  • WIS 32 Resurfacing and Railroad Crossing Reconstruction (Brown and Calumet Counties): Crews improved a 6.8 mile stretch of WIS 32 from Hilbert to Brown/Calumet County line. Work included pavement resurfacing and installation of rumble strips for safety. Two railroad crossings north of Hilbert were reconstructed due to failing crossing surfaces.
  • WIS 55 Resurfacing (Outagamie County): Crews improved a 2.7 mile stretch of WIS 55 from US 10 to Ridgecrest in Kaukauna. Work included resurfacing, gravel shoulders, rumble strip installation, signing, and pavement marking. Curb and gutter were also repaired at the WIS 55 and County KK roundabout.
  • WIS 57 Resurfacing (Door County): Crews began a two-construction season project to improve 8 miles of WIS 57 in Door County from County Q in Baileys Harbor to WIS 42 in Sister Bay. Work in 2017 included numerous culvert replacements and replacement of a box culvert with a single span bridge at Mudd Creek. Crews will resurface the 8-mile section in spring of 2018. The multi-year staging is to not impact the busy tourist season in Door County. Project website
  • WIS 44 Recondition and Passing Lane Addition (Fond du Lac and Winnebago Counties): Crews improved a 4.9 mile stretch of WIS 44 from Douglas Street in city of Ripon to Fond du Lac/Winnebago County line. Roadway work included resurfacing with some deeper repairs to the subsurface, intersection improvements, and culvert replacements. Crews also added a passing lane to northbound WIS 44 from Seelig Way to Page Road, and a passing lane to southbound WIS 44 from Fletcher Road to just past Springbrook Road. 
  • WIS 67, Long Lake Box Culvert Replacement and Fish Habitat Restoration (Fond du Lac County):  WisDOT, in cooperation with the Wisconsin DNR, conducted a box culvert replacement project on WIS 67 near Long Lake in Fond du Lac County to improve flow dynamics to the tributary of Long Lake, enhance fish and wildlife movement, and restore fish spawning habitat. The previous culvert prevented the passage of fish from Long Lake to historic spawning grounds upstream of the culvert. DNR is installing monitoring equipment as well. Funding for the project was provided by a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grant from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
  • I-43 Resurfacing and Bridge Replacement (Manitowoc County): Crews improved 6.5 miles of I-43 from Clover Road in Clover to Point Creek Road in Cleveland in southern Manitowoc County. Work included pavement resurfacing, concrete overlays on bridge structures, ramp patching and resurfacing at the I-43/County C interchange, bridge replacement of northbound I-43 bridge at Point Creek Road, and bridge replacement of southbound I-43 bridge over County U/Newton Road. Project website
  • I-43 Resurfacing (Sheboygan and Manitowoc Counties): Crews improved 7 miles of I-43 from Sheboygan/Manitowoc County line to WIS 42/I-43 interchange. Work included resurfacing, concrete base patching of I-43 mainline, culvert replacement, signing, and pavement marking. Project website

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