Accountability: April 2018

MAPSS Performance Scorecard
Performance measure How we measure it Current report period Goal Goal
Trend Comments
Accountability: The continuous effort to use public dollars in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
Transportation Economic Assistance Grants
Calendar year 2017
Capital investment dollars achieved per grant dollar awarded$80.60$50.00               Performance is trending in a favorable direction For 2017, the department issued six grants for a total of $2,441,293, allowing for a capital investment of $196.8 million and resulting in the creation of 275 new jobs. As a result, every grant dollar leveraged $80.60 in capital investments.
Timely Scheduling of Contracts
State fiscal year 2017
Percent of highway program funding scheduled during the first six months of each fiscal year50.854.0 Trend is holdingWisDOT advanced $145 million in lets from FY17 into FY16 to spend additional federal funds and let savings. It negatively impacted the measure but allowed more miles of pavement to be treated earlier.
On-time Performance
Calendar year 2016
Percent of highway projects completed on time91.3100.0  Trend is holding WisDOT continues to focus on improving communication between contractors and project management staff in order to resolve project issues in a timely manner.
On-budget Performance
State fiscal year 2017
Final highway project cost as percent of original contract amount102.7103.0                 Performance is trending in a favorable direction A lower number is better for this measurement, and the department recorded a value below 103 percent.
Surplus Property Management
State fiscal year-to-date 2018
Dollar value of surplus land sold$3.36 mil.$2.75 mil.   Trend is holding The surplus land sales has met the FY2018 sales goal. The Department has 183 parcels on the 2018 marketing plan and has sold 57 of the parcels to date.