Accountability: October 2020

MAPSS Performance Scorecard
Performance measure How we measure it Current report period Goal Goal
Trend Comments ​Date last reported
Accountability: The continuous effort to use public dollars in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
Transportation Facilities Economic Assistance  and Development (TEA) Grants 
Calendar year 2020​
Capital investment dollars achieved per grant dollar awarded$122.71​
$50.00 Performance is trending in a favorable directionThe department awarded four grants totaling $1.7 million to four Wisconsin communities. The businesses involved in these four projects expect to make total capital investments of $229.7 million resulting in each grant dollar leveraging an average of $122.71 in capital investment.​
Timely Scheduling of Contracts
State fiscal year 2020
Percent of highway program funding scheduled during the first six months of each fiscal year42.5​ percent​
54.0 Performance is trending in a favorable direction
The department lost footing after four years of positive gains and is taking steps including the addition of an October letting to help keep larger projects moving forward earlier in the fiscal year.
On-time Performance
Calendar year 2019
Percent of highway projects completed on time90.0​ percent
100.0  Performance is trending in a favorable direction​​ The department will continue to focus on frequency and quality of communication to overcome challenges contractors encounter in the field.
On-budget Performance
State fiscal year 2019
Final highway project cost as percent of original contract amount104.1
103.0        Performance is trending in a favorable direction The department recorded a value of 104.1 percent for SFY 2019 which is below the industry average of 105 percent. The department has an aspirational goal of 103 percent. A lower number is better.
Surplus Property Management
State fiscal year-to-date ​2020
Dollar value of surplus land sold$2.75 mil.​
$2.75 mil. ​​ Performance is trending in a favorable direction
The department met its sales target with sales of 113 of the 136 parcels in the marketing plan. It’s unknown, at the time of this report, whether the COVID-19 pandemic is creating sales impacts.​