Accountability: April 2019

MAPSS Performance Scorecard
Performance measure How we measure it Current report period Goal Goal
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Accountability: The continuous effort to use public dollars in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
Transportation Facilities Economic Assistance  and Development (TEA) Grants 
Calendar year 2018
Capital investment dollars achieved per grant dollar awarded$43.32$50.00               Performance is trending in a favorable direction The department issued six grants totaling $2,915,114 to Wisconsin communities. The businesses involved in these six projects expect to make total capital investments of $126,282,532 which will result in each grant dollar leveraging an average of $43.32 in capital investment.​1/2019
Timely Scheduling of Contracts
State fiscal year 2018
Percent of highway program funding scheduled during the first six months of each fiscal year55.754.0 Performance is trending in a favorable direction The department achieved target with 55.7 percent of the improvement program funding contracted in the first half of the state fiscal year.​10/2018
On-time Performance
Calendar year 2017
Percent of highway projects completed on time91.7100.0  Performance is trending in a favorable direction WisDOT continues to focus on improving communication between contractors and project management staff in order to resolve project issues in a timely manner. ​10/2018
On-budget Performance
State fiscal year 2018
Final highway project cost as percent of original contract amount104.0103.0         Performance is trending in a favorable direction The department recorded a value of 104 percent for SFY 2018 which is below the industry average of 105 percent. The department has an aspirational goal of 103 percent. A lower number is better.​1/2019
Surplus Property Management
State fiscal year-to-date 2019
Dollar value of surplus land sold$1.91 mil.$2.75 mil.   Trend is holding The department is on track to meeting the sales goal with 69 percent sales completed. 75 of the 149 parcels on the department’s marketing plan were sold.​1/2019