Accountability: April 2023

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Accountability: The continuous effort to use public dollars in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

MAPSS Performance Scorecard
​​​​Performance measure​​How we measure it​​Current report period​​​​Goal​​​​Goal met​​​​Trend​​​​​Comments​​​
​​​​​Date last reported
Transportation Facilities Economic Assistance and Developme​​nt (TEA) Grants
Calendar year 2022
Capital investment dollars achieved per grant dollar awarded​$63.23
$50.00 blue check green up arrow
WisDOT met the goal for calendar year 2022. The department awarded three grants totaling $1.3 million to two Wisconsin communities, leveraging an average of $63.23 in capital investment. Another community is currently under review which could result in an additional $225,000 in TEA funding for public transportation infrastructure improvement​​s.
Timely Scheduling of Contracts
State fiscal year 2022
Percent of highway program funding scheduled during the first six months of each fiscal year37.7 percent​54.0 green up arrowEfforts fell off pace in the second half of the fiscal year, as staff managed shifting scheduling needs and welcomed additional program funding.
On-time Performance
Calendar year 2021
Percent of highway projects completed on- time92.6​ percent100.0 green up arrow The department remains committed to working with​​ contractors through any challenges in order to deliver projects on time.
On-budget Performance
State fiscal year 2022
Final highway project cost as percent of original contract amount100.3
10​3.0 blue check Green up arrow The department met its goal by holding change orders to well within the desired range of 3% (a lower number is better).​1/2023
Surplus Property Management
State fiscal year-to-date ​202​3

Dollar value of surplus land sold$0.97 mil.$2.75 mil. ​​
gold hold arrow​​Efforts are nearing the million-dollar sales mark at mid-year as teams have opportunity to reflect on strategies for the quarters three and four.1/202​3