Preservation: October 2022

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Preservation: Protecting, maintaining and operating Wisconsin's transportation system efficiently by making sound investments that preserve and extend the life of our infrastructure, while protecting our natural environment.

MAPSS Performance Scorecard
Performance measureHow we measure itCurrent report periodGoalGoal metTrendCommentsDate last reported
Program Effectiveness
Calendar year 2021
Scheduled improvement projects compared to modeled roadway needs (as a percent)Location: 89;
Scope: 93;
Time: 71
Location: 80;
Scope: 65;
Time: 65
blue check gold hold arrowScores have increased both at the statewide and regional levels. The statewide analysis shows all metrics meeting their targets, with project locations at an 89 percent match rate, scoping at a 93 percent match rate, and timing increasing to a 71 percent match rate.1/2022
State Highway Pavement Condition (backbone)
Calendar year 2021
Percent of state highway pavement rated fair or above98.8
90 rated fair or above blue check green up arrowThe state’s backbone highway system is comprised of priority corridors and carries 85 percent of the freight tonnage traversing Wisconsin’s state trunk highways.7/2022
State Highway
Pavement Condition (non-backbone)

Calendar year 2021
Percent of state highway pavement rated fair or above80.8
80 rated fair or above blue check green up arrowFunding is prioritized to Backbone system, but future reports will reflect increased funding to State Highway Rehabilitation for 2019 – 2021.7/2022
State Bridge Condition
Calendar year 2021
Percent of state bridges rated fair or above97.5
95.0 blue check red down arrowAlthough there was a small decline from last reporting period, the goal continues to be met. This is testament to the department's continued focus on safe infrastructure and system quality. 
State-owned Rail Line Condition
Calendar year 2021
Percent of state-owned rail line meeting FRA Class 2 Standard (>10 mph)77.195.0 green up arrowIn 2020, 10.1 miles of track were improved to meet FRA Class 2 standards. Zero miles of rail line deteriorated to below FRA Class 2 standards. A total of 557.0 of the 722.7 miles of track (77.1 percent) met the department goal. This is a 2.4 percentage point increase from 2020 to 2021 in the number of miles that meet the standard.1/2022
Airport Pavement Condition
Calendar year 2021
Percent of core airport pavement area rated fair or above for each functional typeRWY 90.0

TXWY 80.0

Apron 78.0




gold hold arrowPrimary runways and aprons slightly increased, while taxiways slightly decreased in 2020 data.4/2022​

Material Recycling
State fiscal year 2021
Percent of newly produced materials replaced with recycled materials18.6610.0 blue check green up arrowRecycled materials provide time and cost savings, performance and efficiency benefits on nearly all WisDOT projects.1/2022