Safety: October 2021

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Safety: Moving toward minimizing the number of deaths, injuries and crashes on our roadways.

MAPSS Performance Scorecard

​​​​Performance measure​​​​How we measure it Current report period Goal​​​​Goal met​​​​Trend​​​​Comments​Date last reported
Traffic Fatalities
Calendar year 2021 (Prelim​in​ary)
Number of traffic fat​alities446​Third Quarter five-year average is 439​
Annual target i​s 569

green arrow As of September 30th, there have been 446 fatalities in 2021. Our long-term goal is to reduce preventable deaths (a lower number is better). 2020 total for fatalities is 59310/2021​​​
Serious Traffic Injuries
Calendar year 2021 (Preliminary)​
Number of serious traffic injuries​2,598
Third Quarter five-year average is 2,462
Annual target is 3,052
Red down arrowAs of September 30th, 2,598 persons have received serious injuries in 2021. In 2017, the crash report was updated to reflect national standards. 2020 total for serious traffic injuries is 3,186. 
Traffic Crashes
Calendar year 2021 (Preliminary)
Number of traffic crashes90,126
Third Quarter five-year average is 95,209
Annual target is 127,892
blue check​​ red down arrowAs of September 30th, there were 90,126 traffic crashes in 2021. Our long-term goal is to reduce preventable deaths (a lower numbe​r is better). 2020 total for traffic crashes is 114,697. 
Safety Belt Use
Calendar year 2021
Percent of vehicle occupants wearing a seat belt88.1
91.1 by 2021
Red down arrow​​​While Wisconsin’s safety belt usage rate reached the sixth highest in 2021, we still lag behind neighboring states, which have use rates of more than 90 percent. We were below the five-year average of 89.3. ​10/2021​​​