Service: October 2021

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Service: High quality and accurate products and services delivered in a timely fashion by a professional and proactive workforce.

MAPSS Performance Scorecard

Performance measureHow we measure it​​​​Current report period​​​​Goal​​​​Goal met​​​​Trend​​​​Comm​ents Date last reported​
​​ DMV Wait Times
Calendar year 2021
Percent of DMV service center cu​stomers served within 20 minutes92
80.0 blue check
red down arrowDue to social distancing related to the pandemic, in-person customer traffic has significantly decreased. We have served over 90 percent of our customers within 20 minutes for each month of this quarter.

DMV Electronic Services
Calendar year 2020​
Number of self-serve electronic transactions​
blue check
green up arrow
​During the course of the pandemic, the number of eNotify enrollees increased 214 percent over the previous year, and the number of emvPublic transactions has increased 277 percent.
DMV Driver License Road Test Scheduling
Calendar year 2021
Available tests as a percent of estimated demand
90.0 blue check green up arrow
Beginning in May 2020, DMV began the Road Test Waiver pilot program. This has reduced demand for road tests and DMV has modified its road​ test forecasting model to account for this decrease​
DMV Phone Service
Calendar year 2021
Percent of DMV phone calls answered within three minutes53.7

green up arrowThe biggest impact of the new phone system implemented in February 2021 was the ability to provide customers an estimated wait time, resulting in more customers choosing to remain on hold rather than opting for a call back. Because a call-back request ends the call, more people staying on hold has increased total wait time.
DMV Email Service
Calendar year 2021
Percent of DMV emails answered within 24 hours

green up arrowContinuing the trend of increased email contacts in 2020, quarter three of 2021 stayed at a high volume, resulting in a 74.5 percent measure for the year, sixteen percentage points higher than quarter two of 2021.