Service: April 2018

MAPSS Performance Scorecard
Performance measure How we measure it Current report period Goal Goal met Trend Comments
Service: High quality and accurate products and services delivered in a timely fashion by a professional and proactive workforce.
DMV Wait Times
Calendar year-to-date 2018
Percent of DMV service center customers served within 20 minutes77.980.0 Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction 2018 has begun approximately 2 percentage points below the target of 80 percent.
DMV Electronic Services
Calendar year-to-date 2017
Number of DMV electronic service transactions6.1 mil.5.06 mil. Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction Electronic services usage is trending in line with our two percent per year increase goal with a continued increase in online plate renewals.
DMV Driver License Road Test Scheduling
Calendar year-to-date 2018
Available tests as a percent of estimated demand97.090.0 Trend is holding DMV has continued the annual trend of achieving 90 percent or higher service levels that began in 2014.
DMV Phone Service
Calendar year- to-date 2018
Percent of DMV phone calls answered within two minutes60.3680.0  Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction Calendar year 2018 service rates have begun at just above 60 percent.