Service: October 2022

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Service: High qu​ality and accurate products and services delivered in a timely fashion by a professional and proactive workforce.

MAPSS Performance Scorecard

Performance measureHow we measure itCurrent report periodGoalGoal metTrendComments Date last reported
DMV Wait Times
Calendar year 2022
Percent of DMV service center customers served within 20 minutes89.5​​
80.0 blue checkred down arrow While customer traffic remains overall slightly lower with the COVID-19 pandemic persisting, quarter three had an increase of approximately 5%. The road test waiver and online driver license renewal pilots also reduce demand for in-person service. With these lower in-person customer volumes, we have served over 80% of our customers within 20 minutes for each quarter of this year. 10/2022
DMV Electronic Services
Calendar year 2021
Number of self-serve electronic transactions978,260225,661 blue check green up arrow2021 usage was 38.6% higher than 2020, which in turn was 186% higher than 2019.4/2022
Calendar year 2022Available tests as a percent of estimated demand10090.0 blue check green up arrowThe DMV has maintained the annual trend of achieving 90 percent or higher service levels. This is largely due to using improved projection models to better estimate our customers' needs.10/2022
DMV Phone Service
Calendar year 2022
Average wait time of
DMV phone calls
3:30 blue check
green up arrow
DMV implemented a new phone system in early February 2021 which allowed customers to make an informed decision to hold. The overall reduction in wait times that began in quarter three of 2021 continued, resulting in an average wait time of 2:44 for quarter three ​of 2022.  
DMV Email Service
Calendar year 2022
Percent of DMV emails answered within 24 hours86.7
80.0 green up arrowContinuing the trend of increased email contacts in 2021, quarter three of 2022 stayed at a high volume, resulting in an 86.7% score for this measure for quarter three. ​10/2022