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Program effectiveness evaluates how well statewide and regional 3R (resurfacing, restoring and rehabilitating) improvement programs align with improvements suggested by an asset management model. This measure compares "programmed" projects to "modeled" projects with respect to three criteria – location, scope and timing – in order to maximize expenditure benefits. Our goal is to have 3R network scheduled projects align with the 3R asset management model at a level of “good” or above at both the statewide and regional levels (matched location 80%, matched scope 65% and matched time 65%).​

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The department did not publish a 2017 report on Program Effectiveness to allow time for both the review of existing improvement program projects and the development of evaluation models.

M​ore information

[1] Location - Percent of all Let* dollars with “location match.”
[2] Scope - Percent of matched Let* dollars with “similar” levels of improvement.
[3] Timing - Percent of matched Let* dollars “on time."​

*Let projects are available for public bid.

Preservation: Protecting, maintaining and operating Wisconsin’s transportation system efficiently by making sound investments that preserve and extend the life of our infrastructure, while protecting our natural environment.