DMV Wait Times


​The "Customers Per Day" and "Counter Hours Per Day" tabs have been removed.

DMV changed operations significantly in 2015 which renders these measurements of less value, especially when it comes to average wait time.  At five-day offices, every customer is issued a ticket at the information desk, which starts the time measurement and it ends when customer is served at counter. Wait times at 20-hour offices were measured by the time between a DL/ID photo being taken and being served at counter as there are no information desks at these smaller offices. This system worked well when created because 20-hour offices only did DL/ID transactions.

However, in 2015, these offices started providing title and registration services which involve no photo. Thus, more than 40% of transactions now done at 20-hour offices are not timed. In addition, the data provided by the “Counter Hours Per Day” measure was proving unusable. The relationship between counter hours per day and customers served within 20 minutes was erratic, at times being directly related and at other times being inversely related.