Wisconsin Commission on Transportation Finance and Policy

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The Wisconsin Commission on Transportation Finance and Policy was created in the 2011-2013 biennial state budget. The legislation called on the Commission to examine issues related to the future of transportation finance in Wisconsin, including the following:

  • Highway maintenance, rehabilitation and expansion projects
  • Local aid and assistance programs, including general transportation aids (GTA)
  • Transportation fund revenue projections
  • Transportation fund debt service
  • Options to achieve balance between revenues, expenditures and debt service
  • Impact of highway project planning on abutting property

From its first meeting in October 2011 through its final meeting in January 2013, the Transportation Finance and Policy Commission provided opportunities for public input.

In 2012, public listening sessions were conducted around the state in Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton and Eau Claire. Public officials and transportation stakeholders provided comments. The University of Wisconsin Survey Center conducted focus groups in Madison, Brookfield, Oshkosh, Chippewa Falls and Stevens Point. The Commission appreciated the participation of the diverse groups and individuals whose comments helped to shape their recommendations.

The Commission had a study period of 10 years and was required to submit a report to the Governor and state legislative leadership by March 1, 2013.