Wisconsin highway trivia

Test your knowledge of Wisconsin highway facts


1) What state first developed the high​way numbering system?

2) What is the shortest, numbered and signed highway in Wisconsin?

3) What is the longest highway in Wisconsin?

4) What is the lowest numbered highway?

5) What is the highest numbered highway?

6) What highway number is used more than once?

7) What highway is both an Interstate highway and a Wisconsin State Trunk highway?

8) What US highway crosses Lake Michigan by ferry and continues in Michigan?

9) What highway crosses the Wisconsin River by ferry?

10) What US highways have two separate sections in Wisconsin?

11) WIS 123 ends at what state park?

12) What is the primary function of WIS 129 near Lancaster?

13) What is unusual about Interstate 43?

14) What was the section of Interstate 43 from Beloit to Milwaukee previously designated as?

15) What was the section of Interstate 43 from Milwaukee to Green Bay previously designated as?

16) What three Interstate highways run concurrently from Madison to Portage?

17) Is this the longest stretch of three concurrent Interstate highways in the USA?

18) What is Wisconsin's longest Interstate highway segment?

19) What US highway was decommissioned and became a Wisconsin highway with the same number?

20) What highway is also known as the Stadium Freeway in Milwaukee?

21) What highway is the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway?

22) What highway is signed with four concurrent US highways?

23) Are there any locations with an Interstate, a US and a Wisconsin highway signed concurrently?

24) What are those red things found on WIS 32 signs?

25) True or false. Another state's highway can be found in Wisconsin.


1) Wisconsin

2) WIS 243 near Osceola. It is 0.30 mile in length.

3) WIS 35. It is 412.15 miles in length. It enters Wisconsin near east Dubuque, Illinois and ends at I-535 in Superior.

4) US 2 across northern Wisconsin

5) Interstate 894 in Milwaukee

6) 39 twice. Interstate 39 extends northward from Beloit to Wausau. WIS 39 extends eastward from US 18 near Edmund to WIS 59 near Albany.

7) Interstate 794 and WIS 794 in Milwaukee. It is I-794 from the Marquette Interchange to Carferry. The new Lake Arterial extension is designated WIS 794.

8) US 10

9) WIS 113 crosses the Wisconsin River at Merrimac on the COLSAC III.

10) US 2 and US 141. Both highways enter Michigan and then re-enter Wisconsin for a short distance near Florence.

11) WIS 123 ends at the entrance to Devil's Lake State Park.

12) WIS 129 serves as the Lancaster bypass for US 61 and is the "state recommended truck route."

13) Interstate 43 is an intrastate Interstate highway.

14) WIS 15

15) US 141

16) Interstate highways 39, 90 and 94

17) Yes

18) I-94 stretches approximately 334 miles from Kenosha to Hudson.

19) US 16 was decommissioned and became WIS 16 in the late 1970s.

20) US 41. It is a short segment of freeway that was never completed.

21) US 51

22) The Madison South Beltline between Park Street and Verona Road. It carries US 12, 14, 18 & 151.

23) Yes, I-94, US 12 and WIS 35 are signed concurrently near Hudson. Also, I-39, US 51 and WIS 23 are signed concurrently near Endeavor.

24) They are red arrow emblems signifying the 32nd Red Arrow Division.

25) True. Minnesota Highway 23 cuts through the northwest corner of Wisconsin for a short distance near Superior.