75 years of leadership

The following are the top leaders of the State Patrol and their period of service:

Director Homer G. Bell

Director Homer G. Bell
November 1939 to March 1950

Director Alvin Schutz

Director Dan F. Schutz
April 1952 to October 1953

Director Alvin Boelter

Director Alvin E. Boelter
April 1954 to September 1954

Director Lawrence Beier

Director Lawrence E. Beier
September 1954 to December 1967

Director Lewis Versnik

Director Lewis V. Versnik
December 1967 to March 1978

Administrator William Harvey

Administrator William A. Harvey
March 1978 to January 1983

Administrator James Van Sistine

Administrator James W. Van Sistine
January 1983 to March 1990

Administrator Ted Meekma

Administrator Ted Meekma
March 1990 to January 1993

Administrator William Singletary

Administrator William L. Singletary
January 1993 to January 1999

Superintendent David Schumacher

Superintendent David L. Schumacher
January 1999 to February 2001

Superintendent Douglas Van Buren

Superintendent Douglas L. Van Buren
February 2001 to July 2002

Superintendent Robert B. Young

Superintendent Robert B. Young
July 2002 to January 2003

Superintendent David Collins

Superintendent David L. Collins
January 2003 to February 2011

Superintendent Stephen Fitzgerald

Superintendent Stephen G. Fitzgerald
February 2011 to present