Photo gallery: K-9 unit

A loyal and productive partner

The State Patrol K-9 Program became operational in 2007 and now has highly trained dogs and handlers stationed strategically around the state. The K-9 units are adept at alerting on vehicles that are transporting drugs and other illegal contraband.

K9 Nora, a Belgian Malinois, is one of the newest membeers of the K-9 Program.  K-9 Charlie was an original member of the K-9 program and retired from service in 2013. Charlie was instrumental in 387 drug seizures during his career.. 

K-9 teams have the ability to quickly and accurately find illegal contraband wherever it’s concealed.  K-9 Ivy began her service in 2006 and retired in 2013.  She conducted 1,800 searches in her career that resulted in seizures totaling nearly $550,000 in currency used for drug transactions.