Transportation Systems Management and Operations - Traffic Infrastructure Process


The Transportation Systems Management and Operations Traffic Infrastructure Process (TSMO – TIP) has been developed such that needs and solutions are considered on an annual basis in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of funding resources. A consistent, objective methodology of identifying needs and project development will be used throughout the State. Needs identification and project justification tools have been developed to assist with project development. Together these tools will provide for a consistent, transparent process for allocating funding in ways that will provide the most benefit and advancement.

Based upon the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), Transportation Systems Management and Operations goal is to encourage and promote safe and efficient management and operation of an integrated, intermodal surface transportation system for the mobility needs of people and freight. While we cannot always build out roadways, TSM&O helps redistribute travel based upon real-time information in-turn reducing congestion and traveler delay. The bureau is proactively working towards meeting this goal to meet our customer’s needs.

The bureau has invested nearly 60 million dollars in TSM&O through various expansion and preservation programs that improve traffic flow, manage incidents, improve safety, reduce user delay and increase reliability. The TSM&O-TIP is part of the Department's efforts with the national TSM&O Capability Maturity Model that provides six key dimensions for improving efficiency and outcome effectiveness and helps identify priorities for management. Based upon the analysis performed by BTO management and shareholders WisDOT’s investment priorities and processes must shift to better align with budgeting challenges.