eMV11 electronic processing

eMV11 electronic title and registration for WI dealers

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The 2005-07 Wisconsin budget bill requires all licensed motor vehicle dealers to electronically process all title/registration applications for their customers. There are two options for compliance with mandatory dealer processing:

Automated Partnership System Program (APPS)

Dealers may participate in the Automated Partnership System Program (APPS), a program that allows dealers to process title applications electronically using a DMV approved system vendor. Dealers using APPS can offer metal plates to their customers immediately upon delivery of the vehicle. Dealers may itemize the electronic processing fee directly on the MV11 form and may charge a maximum fee of $19.50. This service is administrated through two vendors, Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR) and Dealertrack, to whom the dealers pay a user fee. There are currently more than 700 licensed dealers using APPS.

Contact Jeannie Stoglin at CVR at (248) 606-5367. More information about the CVR processing system is available on the CVR website. WisDOT offers instructions and manuals for CVR.

Contact Dustin Eklund at Dealertrack at (815) 351-9166. More information about the Dealertrack processing system is available on the Dealertrack website. WisDOT offers instructions and manuals for Dealertrack.


Dealers may choose to submit applications electronically via eMV11, a DMV Internet application provided free of charge. Using eMV11, the customer receives a temporary plate and a printed receipt upon delivery of their vehicle. The title and metal license plates are sent directly from DMV. Dealers may include costs of participating in the eMV11 program in the dealership service fee currently allowed by law to cover dealer costs for regulatory compliance. The eMV11 pilot program began September 15, 2005. There are now with close to 400 dealerships participating in the program.

If you choose DMV’s eMV11, you will no longer be required to complete an MV11 application form. Information is gathered from the customer and is keyed directly into the system. It is designed to automatically catch errors and requires minimal keying. If your customer already exists in the DMV database, their information is preloaded thus making it even easier to complete the application. The customer receives a temporary plate and a printed receipt upon delivery of their vehicle. The temporary plate will be tied to their vehicle’s VIN, so they are instantly legal in the eyes of law enforcement. The customer will receive the title from DMV within seven to ten days after the dealer completes the electronic application. The metal license plates will follow approximately two weeks after the title was received.

This easy to use application can be accessed on any Internet connected computer. The only dealer requirements are a personal computer, Internet access, a laser printer, and an active bank account to debit title and registration fees.

If you would like the link to access the system from a remote location or a different computer and don't have access to the title processing log-in page, go to our frequently asked questions page.

Some feedback on the electronic processing system:

  • "Great system, very user-friendly," stated many of the dealers.
  • "It's amazing that the state came up with such a brilliant idea," stated a dealership employee.
  • "I'd be willing to talk to any dealer who feels it will be too difficult to use," stated Brad Walsh with Auto Specialists Inc.

eMV11 transaction types

Title/registration transactions currently available using eMV11 (Dealer sales only):

  • Automobile
  • Light truck
  • Motorcycle
  • Title-only (Out-of state resident with a lien perfected)
  • Mopeds (plate issuance only)

Title/registration transactions that currently cannot be issued using eMV11

 (These transactions are exempt from the electronic processing requirement):

  • Title-only for a WI resident
  • Title-only for an out-of-state resident without a lien
  • Out-of -state titles with less than 17 digits in the VIN
  • Wisconsin title no longer on system
  • Mopeds - plate to transfer
  • Dual Purpose Farm or Dual Purpose Vehicle plate issuance
  • Personalized Plates
  • Heavy trucks
  • No private sales
  • Three or more owners or lessees
  • Multiple secured parties
  • Replacement titles


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