User manual

​User manual - eMV agent lien

The eMV Agent Lien user manual is an online resource guide designed to provide support for financial institutions participating in DMV's electronic processing program.

The user manual is divided into specific chapters to allow for quick access to processing questions. The manual will continue to be updated as processing enhancements are implemented. If you choose to print the user manual, we recommend that you check the manual to make sure you have the last version of that section. Revision dates are listed on the bottom of each page.

  1. Getting started - updated February 2015
  2. Processing transactions - updated February 2011
  3. Customer information - updated February 2010
  4. Vehicle inquiry - updated February 2010
  5. View forms and reports - updated February 2011
  6. Bank account information - updated February 2010
  7. Resetting transactions - updated February 2010
  8. Mailing completed work - updated June 2010
  9. Receipt examples - updated June 2010
  10. Processing tips- updated February 2010​


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