Damage judgment

​A damage judgment (DJN) is a court action taken by a plaintiff against an uninsured defendant. A DJN results from a motor vehicle crash with unpaid damages of $500 or more. 

Once a DJN has been entered and the appeal period has passed, the plaintiff or their attorney may ask the court to certify the DJN to the Wisconsin DMV. Wisconsin DMV is required to suspend​ a person’s operating and registration privileges upon receipt of the following from the court:

  • Certificate ​of Judgment form MV3158 and
  • Notice of Entry of Judgment

State law requires the suspension remain on the driver record for 5 years from the court date or until one of the following documents is filed:​

  • Private installment agreement - A payment agre​ement​ MV3128 between the plaintiff or their attorney and the defendant to pay the damages or
  • Court ordered installment agreement - A court ordered payment plan which is signed by a judge and certified to Wisconsin DMV or
  • Satisfaction of Judgment - A court stamped or certified satisfaction that states the DJN has been paid in full or​
  • Bankruptcy - A certified copy of the bankruptcy petition which has the date filed and court case number included

​A defendant must contact the plaintiff or their attorney to make arrangements to settle a DJN. If a defendant defaults on an agreement, the plaintiff notifies Wisconsin DMV and the person’s operating and registration privileges will again be suspended.

When Wisconsin DMV receives acceptable compliance requirements, the defendant may reinstate their driving and/or registration privileges by:

  • Filing an SR22 insurance certificate for three years from the date you are eligible to reinstate
  • Paying reinstatement fees for operating and/or registration privileges

For more information:
Wisconsin Chapter 344​

Uninsured Motorists/Safety Responsibility Law

Email Wisconsin DMV email service​
Phone (608) 266-1249