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Street Smart - Rider Perception Kit

Street Smart

This program is designed to help a rider improve perception. It uses highly interactive individual and group activities, and stresses the 'Search and Evaluate' parts of the overall Search-Evaluate-Execute (SEE) strategy used in MSF courses. The program's kit contains a Leader's Guide, 12 Participant's Workbooks, a set of oversized playing cards and four floor mats, and a CD with the PowerPoint program. The PowerPoint contains the visual components of the program for classroom presentation and is divided into four parts: (1) Introduction to Perception, (2) Improving Perception, (3) Analysis of Collision Traps, and (4) Road Sign and Collision Trap Practice; the playing cards and floor mats are used so riders can check their perceptual field related to peripheral vision, useful field of view, and focus vision.

Intersection - Motorist Awareness Kit


Intersection is MSF's newest approach to enhancing motorist awareness of motorcycles. The program combines personal stories and character development with a dramatic new look at a crash scene that's all too common. The DVD contains three separate 13-minute versions to appeal to teens (via driver education classes), adults (via traffic schools), and commercial drivers (via employee orientation). This Kit includes Leader's Guide, ten Participant's Guides, and 25 Quick Tips brochures.

Seasoned Rider - Aging Awareness Kit

Seasoned RIder

In response to the continuing increase in the average age of motorcyclists (now 40 years of age), MSF has developed a fun, activity-based learning module that may be facilitated by RiderCoaches or the general public in local riding clubs or community events.

The kit consists of a new award-winning 13-minute DVD video, Facilitator Guide, and props for several learning activities, all designed to help riders assess and compensate for the effects of aging on their ability to effectively manage risk when operating a motorcycle. A SeasonedRider Module session can last from 45 to 90 minutes. Although the content and activities are generally targeted at riders over the age of 40, the sessions are appropriate for any age and any type of vehicle operator.

Riding Straight - Alcohol Awareness Kit

Riding Straight

A stand-alone kit that can be used by RiderCoaches and others who have an interest in conducting seminars or events related to motorcycling and impaired riding. This kit contains a Facilitator's Guide, Riding Straight video and interactive Fatal Vision Simulator Goggles. The goggle activities can also be used by anyone willing to be a facilitator for special events, riding club meetings and rallies, and community outreach programs to deliver a message without the formality of a classroom environment. A sample News Release and Event Flyer are included.

Share the Adventure - Group Riding Kit

Share the Adventure

A group ride training event in a box. The video kit contains enough material for a class of ten students. Learn about ride preparation, standards for organization of the ride, and important knowledge such as proper formations in complex traffic situations. The kit includes one Leader's Guide, 10 student workbooks and a 16-minute DVD that depicts common group riding scenarios