Safe motorcyclist awareness & recognition trainer

The revolutionary new SMARTrainer packages hardware and software in one of the most engaging instructional tools ever offered to the rider training community.

It combines a personal computer, an advanced safety-training program and a video monitor, plus a handlebar, seat, footrests and all the standard controls found on a real motorcycle.

Riders experience and respond to a variety of on-screen scenarios as they travel along virtual streets and highways. To succeed in this world of pixels and bytes, students have to make the right decisions as they Search, Evaluate and Execute - SEE℠ - their way past computer-generated cars, trucks and pedestrians.

The objective of the on-road simulation is to safely negotiate a series of routes, while developing effective road hazard awareness. Fifteen different routes under a variety of road and environmental conditions are in the training package, so there are plenty of challenges.

The SMARTrainer creates a virtual environment, but the lessons learned are real.

A Powerful Tool

The SMARTrainer complements and reinforces the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's SEE strategy for managing risk: Search, Evaluate, Execute.

Novice riders, recent MSF Basic RiderCourse℠ graduates, and experienced riders can all practice in realistic traffic situations that require the operator to evaluate and address traffic hazards and traps -- in a controlled, risk-free environment -- using the same motorcycle control functions as an actual motorcycle. Even car drivers can benefit from the situational awareness lessons provided by the SMARTrainer

Used under the guidance of MSF-certified RiderCoaches or SMARTrainer coaches, the SMARTrainer becomes a powerful teaching tool. Riders gain valuable feedback for the choices they make on the road, helping them identify areas where they can improve their decision-making abilities.