Registration and title information for new residents

Welcome to Wisconsin!

This page provides links to information on how new Wisconsin residents can title and register their vehicles. It will tell you what you need to obtain your Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) products and services, let you download DMV forms so that you can fill them out in advance and give you several options for where you can get service from DMV or one of its partners around the state.

First things first

When you become a Wisconsin resident, you must obtain Wisconsin registration (license plates) for your vehicle. We cannot give credit for unused registration on your previous state's license plate. For a detailed list of forms and other items you need to bring to receive a Wisconsin license plate, see title and plates for new residents. For a complete list of DMV registration fees, see vehicle registration fees.

Service locations

Wisconsin has DMV customer service centers located around the state. In addition, we have contracted with numerous partners or DMV agents to provide even more locations in more communities in Wisconsin. Please note, the services and fees vary according to the option you choose. For more information and the locations nearest your new home or workplace, select one of the following links below.

DMV customer service centers

DMV customer service centers accept cash, checks, debit cards and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Debit cards will be processed as credit. (Please make checks payable to "Registration Fee Trust.")

Some DMV customer service centers only provide driver licensing services, while others provide both driver licensing and registration/titling services. If everything is in order, you'll walk out with your new vehicle title and Wisconsin license plates. DMV customer service centers charge a $5 service fee in addition to registration and title fees. For DMV customer service center hours and locations, see DMV customer service centers.

Temporary license plate agents

Some agents will accept only cash, checks or money orders.

Temporary license plate agents issue a temporary license plate display on your vehicle until your vehicle title and metal plates arrive in the mail from the DMV, usually within six weeks. The agents will take your application, check to make sure it is completed correctly, collect all fees due to DMV and send the application to DMV for processing. They will charge $3 for the temporary plate and a $5 service fee. The temporary plate is good for 90 days from the date of purchase by which time you should receive your metal plates. For a list of the temporary plate agents, see temporary license plate agents.

Wisconsin driver license

Drivers with a Commercial Driver License (CDL) must apply for a Wisconsin driver license within 30 days. Other drivers new to Wisconsin must apply for a Wisconsin driver license within 60 days of establishing residency. How to obtain a Wisconsin driver license.

Email Wisconsin DMV email service