Transportation Alliance for New Solutions (TrANS)

TrANS is a cost-effective program that helps to fulfill entry-level laborer positions for construction contractors. It is a collaborative effort combining the strengths of industry and labor, community-based organizations, government and the contractors of Wisconsin.

This public-private model for collaboration successfully prepares Wisconsin’s untapped workforce with the skills needed to contribute to the transportation construction industry as laborers and apprentices. This untapped workforce that TrANS prepares to enter the construction industry involves those who have been underrepresented historically in the industry, including, but not limited to, women and minorities.

There are more than 24 core partners, including

Wisconsin contractors and subcontractors have used this employee recruitment and retention program since 1995.

Transportation Alliance for New Solutions (TrANS)

Each TrANS class contains no more than 20 candidates to ensure quality of candidate preparation to work. These participants undergo an intensive 120 hour soft and hard skills preparation program that incorporates industry professionals, road construction contractors, and experienced road construction employees.

Instruction includes

  • Physical conditioning
  • Tool identification/usage
  • Construction terminology
  • Construction math
  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Job site safety issues
  • Map reading
  • Commercial driver license (CDL) training
  • Hands on projects
  • Work ethics

Candidates become a TrANS graduate only after they

  • Pass a CDL written exam
  • Pass an apprenticeship test from one of the skilled trades
  • Receive certification as a flagger
  • Complete OSHA 10 safety training

Employee screening

  • Orientation and introduction to the industry - Participants learn from trainers and contractors.
    • Employer expectations
    • Requirements of a construction laborer
    • Awareness of industry tools and safety requirements
  • Skills and qualifications review - Work history and experience are recorded and organized into a portfolio for the apprentice's future interviews.
  • Support system needs are identified - Child care and transportation back-up systems provide solutions to other possible barriers to success.

Orientation to a specific company

A contractor can provide the TrANS coordinator with supplemental company job specifications. With these specifications, TrANS participants will be familiar with the contractor's business before they interview with the contractor.

Job retention support services

A TrANS coordinator can visit the contractor's site at the contractor's discretion. We remain active with each participant to assist them in overcoming barriers and obstacles to success.

Wage subsidy

  • WisDOT provides a reimbursement for anyone put on a project with ASP1 or ASP1-T provisions.
  • Job training credits available on all jobs.
    Milwaukee Job Center Network offers a Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) subsidy for some participants (up to 50 percent hourly), or monthly subsidy (up to $300/month per worker).
  • Multiple subsidies are possible.


  • TrANS saves contractors time and money on screening and job preparation costs of potential employees.
  • TrANS works to ensure the continued success of new hires and their employers after placement by helping remove traditional barriers to success, such as providing backup or temporary assistance for child care and transportation alternatives to its participants.
  • Graduates ideally progress to journeyman status in the industry.

The success of TrANS shows in the numbers

  • More than 600 people have been placed in family-supporting positions as laborers and apprentices in the industry.
  • More than 50 Wisconsin contractors have hired TrANS graduates.

These results demonstrate that TrANS fulfills a need, both for building the next generation’s diverse, skilled workforce, and to help Wisconsin contractors find skilled employees.

For more information

​Hear from TrANS graduates​

If you are interested in becoming a TrANS participant, and/or a contractor interested in learning more about the TrANS program and its graduates, contact the WisDOT TrANS management team for information about the TrANS provider that serves your region​.