Business and labor development

Goal is to ensure that tribes and tribal members receive all the employment, training, business, and economic opportunities for Indian-owned businesses afforded by law.

Business development

Efforts focus on training sessions for labor and tribal businesses on how to become successful in reducing unemployment rates, enhancing tribal economies, and performing and administering contracts and related contractor regulations.

Labor development

Labor development initiative focuses on tribal and transportation agency staff, ensuring that all is done to cooperatively ensure that highway construction work on tribal lands complies with tribal codes to the extent applicable; promotes tribal employment through training-based initiatives and joint partnerships; and sustains, promotes, and expands Native American hiring.

Labor development initiatives work to ensure WisDOT and highway work on tribal lands comply with tribal codes to the extent applicable; promote tribal employment through training-based initiatives and joint partnerships; and sustain, promote, and expand Native American hiring.

Native American hiring provision

The purpose of this special provision is to outline the requirements and procedures necessary to promote and encourage Native American employment opportunities on WisDOT construction projects. The provision applies to state and federal projects that are located on or partially on tribal lands. 

Tribal Labor Advisory Committee

TLAC was established in December 2011 and charged with developing strategies to enhance Native American Labor opportunities on state and federal projects. Eight recommendations were created by the committee and adopted in April 2012.  The committee meets a quarterly basis to ensure the successful implementation of the recommendations.

One of the recommendations was to establish a Statewide Native American Labor Initiative.  This statewide effort is facilitated through an intergovernmental agreement between WisDOT and the Sokaogon Chippewa Community.