Inter-Tribal Task Force

Established through the partnership agreement to serve as a policy advisory group regarding any transportation related matters that have the potential to impact tribal communities.

Tribal Historic Preservation Project

Created to strengthen tribal participation in WisDOT programming and projects with a focus on historic preservation and environmental issues.

Transportation Safety Project

Focuses on multi-modal transportation issues for Wisconsin’s tribes with an emphasis on improving data collection and submission of this data to the state, analyzing the safety of reservation transportation systems, and bringing together key stakeholders to identify, plan and address transportation safety needs on tribal lands.

Business and Labor Development

Ensures that tribes and tribal members receive all the employment, training, business, and economic opportunities for Indian-owned businesses afforded by law.

National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI)

A US Department of Transportation (USDOT)/FHWA educational initiative designed to introduce secondary school students to all modes of transportation careers and encourage them to pursue transportation-related courses of study at the college/university level.

Annual Consultation Meeting with Tribes 

The Secretary of WisDOT hosts an annual consultation meeting with tribes which provides an opportunity for tribal leaders and representatives to express concerns, highlight issues and make recommendation regarding statewide tribal affairs as it relates to transportation.

Case Study: Wisconsin - Tribal Consultation Process

Wisconsin's State agencies have a unique and effective system for communicating, collaborating, and consulting with the 11 Federally-recognized Tribes in the State. One of these agencies, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), is noted for consulting with Tribes through a variety of means, including regular consultation meetings, Tribal liaisons, the Tribal Historic Preservation Project, and the WisDOT Inter-Tribal Task Force. These efforts have helped to strengthen the agency's relationships with Indian Tribal Governments.

Tribal Transportation Conference

WisDOT Tribal Affairs and the WisDOT Inter-Tribal Task Force host an annual tribal transportation conference that features presentations on safety, business and labor, cultural and environmental and general transportation programs. The conference brings together industry, tribal, federal and state officials.