AASHTOWare Project Access

Application access and approval

Users must have permission to use AWP Project Preconstruction.

  • To obtain access, request approval through your WisDOT supervisor. 
  • Once you have approval and a valid WAMS ID/password (see instructions below to obtain a WAMS ID), send a message to AWPsupport@dot.wi.gov with your:
    • WAMS ID (do not send your password)
    • Full name
    • Firm name
    • Firm address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Approval email from WisDOT supervisor
    • The email address for the person requesting AWP permission must match the email address associated with the WAMS ID.
  • You will receive a confirmation message after you have been granted AWP permission.
  • AWP Project Preconstruction access will expire after 3 years.
    • Remember to update WisDOT with any contact information changes as this information will be used to notify you of account expiration.

Creating and updating your WAMS ID

  • Before gaining permission to use AWP Project Preconstruction users must first create a Wisconsin Access Management System (WAMS) ID. If you already have a WAMS ID you will not need to create a new ID.
  • To create your ID and password go to https://on.wisconsin.gov/WAMS/home and select "Self-Registration."
  • Requests are processed by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, not WisDOT. Typically you will receive your ID and password quickly, but this may not always be the case.
  • To view or change your email address and other information on your WAMS profile go to https://on.wisconsin.gov/WAMS/home and select "Profile Management."