Estimate to AASHTOWare Project Estimator comparison

Estimated prices should be reviewed prior to PS&E submittal by the project engineer and manager.

The following tool is one tool available in the review process and the steps below explain how to compare bid item prices in PES to prices generated by AASHTOWare ProjectTM Estimator:

  1. Follow FDM 19-5-10.3 steps 1-13.
  2. In AASHTOWare ProjectTM Estimator, go to File, Export to Excel 2007 Workbook (Excel opens with exported file).
  3. Save file in Excel.
  4. In AASHTOWare ProjectTM Estimator, add or verify project information including work type, highway type, urban/rural, season, and county.
  5. Update prices to current estimator prices by clicking on Edit, Update price information, Restart, OK.
  6. File, Export to Excel 2007 Workbook (Excel opens with exported file).
  7. Copy and paste information from second excel file to excel file created in step 3.
  8. Compare AASHTOWare ProjectTM Estimator prices side by side with prices in AASHTOWare ProjectTM PES.
  9. Other spreadsheet options include:
    • Add a column with bid history prices from other sources such as bid express.
    • Add a column to calculate the percentage difference between the estimate and Estimator. Bid items can easily be sorted by the percentage the estimate varies from Estimator prices.
    • Add a comment column to explain why the estimate varies from AASHTOWare ProjectTM Estimator prices.

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