Information about online renewal

You may use the online license plate renewal service if:

  • ​The license plate renewal notice you received has a Renewal Reference Number (RRN) on it. The RRN is located to the right of the return mailing address on the notice.* If you do not have your license plate renewal notice, you may:
    • ​Find the RRN by using the license plate search, or
    • Enter the Product Number on your current certificate of registration for the RRN
  • Your correct and current address is on file with the department. Need to change your address? Please update your address before you renew online.​
  • If you need to update or verify where your vehicle is kept go to vehicle kept in information.
  • If you recently transferred the license plates to a vehicle different from the one described on your renewal notice, the RRN may have changed. Check the license plate search for the current RRN.
  • You have a valid Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card; or a checking/saving account for payment by ACH (Automated Clearing House).
  • You are subscribed to electronic notification (eNotify) and have received your renewal notice via email. For more information on how to receive your license plate renewal notices via email, visit eNotify

If the RRN is not on the renewal notice or license plate lookup result, your plate does not qualify for online renewal.

Your credit or debit card will be charged a convenience fee for this service. There is no convenience fee charged for ACH payment. A $10 late fee may also be added if you renew after the license plate registration expiration date. The expiration date is printed in the upper left corner of your renewal notice.

After you renew online, you should print the confirmation page or email confirmation as temporary proof of current license plate/registration and keep it in your vehicle until you receive the new Certificate of Vehicle Registration and license plate sticker. We will mail a new Certificate of Vehicle Registration and license plate sticker within 7-10 business days.

You may legally operate your vehicle on Wisconsin public roads once you complete the online renewal.

Vehicles that qualify for online renewal:

  • Automobiles
  • Buses (except school buses) registered at 54,000 lbs. gross weight or less
  • Farm trucks registered at 54,000 lbs. gross weight or less
  • Human service vehicles
  • Low-speed vehicles
  • Motor homes registered at any gross weight
  • Motorcycles & mopeds
  • Recreational vehicle trailers
  • Special plates for autos, light trucks and motor homes (e.g., Packers, Endangered Resources, Military, etc.)
  • Tractors registered at 54,000 lbs. gross weight or less
  • Trailers registered at any gross weight
  • Trucks registered at 54,000 lbs. gross weight or less

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