I-39 Stevens Point Area Corridor Study - Portage County


I-39, WIS 54 to US 10 west, includes Plover, Whiting, Park Ridge, Stevens Point, Dewey and Hull, in Portage County.


WisDOT launched the I-39 Stevens Point Area Corridor Study in 2010 to assess safety, operations, pavement and bike/pedestrian needs to meet the existing and future transportation needs on I-39/US 51/US 10/WIS 66 in the Stevens Point area.

The corridor study stretches from the WIS 54 interchange (Plover) to the US 10 west interchange (Hull). Four main interchanges are being evaluated as part of the study:

  • WIS 54
  • County B
  • US 10 east/WIS 66 west
  • WIS 66 east/Stanley St.

Preserving the corridor and limiting impacts to adjacent landowners and the traveling public is an important part of the study.

A number of proposed improvements will maintain the operational efficiency of the highways and improve the safety for the traveling public. In addition, bridges located along the corridor will be improved to ensure they meet current design, safety and clearance standards.


The study is needed to assess current and future needs of the corridor and to determine safety, operations, pavement and bike/pedestrian needs. Several of the interchanges in the project area are experiencing operational, safety and geometric deficiencies due to traffic volumes and commercial development in the area. In addition, the existing freeway pavement is deteriorating.


  • Identify a long-term vision for the I-39 Stevens Point area corridor.
  • Provide a safe and efficient transportation system meeting current and near future needs.
  • Serving long-term traffic demand through freeway and interchange capacity improvements.

Project benefits

The study will provide a long-term vision and relative timeline for capacity and safety improvements along the I-39 Stevens Point area corridor. The study will also identify associated impacts and costs. This will allow WisDOT to strategically implement projects in a cost-effective manner.

The proposed improvements, which are scheduled to take place between 2014 and 2024, represent an approximate $100 million construction investment in Central Wisconsin.

Proposed improvements

The I-39 Stevens Point Area Corridor Study includes a number of proposed improvements that are currently scheduled to occur between 2014 and 2024:

Bridge resurfacing

  • WIS 54
  • Over the CN Railroad
  • Over the Little Plover River
  • Portage County HH
  • US 10 east/WIS 66 west
  • WIS 66 east/Stanley St.

Bridge improvements

  • Replacing the bridges on I-39 over Reserve St.
  • Increasing bridge clearance at the County B and WIS 66 east/Stanley St. interchanges

Other projects

  • Maintaining the pavement and bridges on the corridor to maximize their lifespan until growing traffic volumes require adding capacity. Reconstructing the interchanges of Portage County B, US 10 east/WIS 66 west, and WIS 66 east/Stanley St.
  • Installing an over-height detection system at the County B interchange until the interchange needs to be reconstructed
  • Adding a pedestrian bridge over I-39 near the US 10 east/WIS 66 west interchange to improve pedestrian access
  • Improving the safety of the corridor by adding auxiliary lanes between the US 10 east/WIS 66 west and the WIS 66 east/Stanley St. interchanges.  

Traffic impacts

  • Managing access to state highways is important to protecting the safety, traffic flow and public investment in the state highway system.
  • WisDOT will work closely with local officials, emergency services, law enforcement and businesses to minimize traffic impacts during construction.
  • The freeway will remain open with two lanes in each direction during peak travel times.


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