WIS 54/73 (Second Avenue South), Wisconsin Rapids, Wood County


​WIS 54/73 (Second Avenue South), Gaynor Avenue to WIS 13, Wisconsin Rapids, Wood County

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We have identified several needs at this section of WIS 54/73:

  • Traffic delays at the WIS 13/54/73 intersection
  • Traffic signal timing at the WIS 13/54/73 intersection contributes to inefficient traffic movement
  • Access near the WIS 13/54/73 intersection creates conflicts with turning intersection traffic
  • Opportunity to improve pavement marking and signing to maximize roundabout efficiency

​WIS 13/54/73 traffic signals and WIS 54/73 lane continuity​

Westbound WIS 54/73 narrows from two lanes to one lane between WIS 13/54/73 and Woodbine Street. Because of this lane configuration, left-turning traffic along WIS 13/54/73 (northbound to westbound) is not effectively using the dual left-turn lanes at the signalized intersection with WIS 54/73. The driver’s expectation at this location is causing traffic to back up on WIS 13/54/73 and the traffic backups are also leading to some crashes. Between January 2011 and May 2016, a total of seven sideswipe or rear-end type crashes were reported at the left turn lanes on WIS 54/73.

There are driveways located within 500 feet of the WIS 13/54/73 intersection; within the intersection’s “area of influence.” The area of influence affects how well an intersection functions. Design standards encourage avoiding access points within the area of influence so that intersection traffic movements do not conflict with other entering/exiting traffic outside of the intersection. From January 2011 to May 2016, there were 11 sideswipe, rear-end, or angle type crashes on WIS 54/73 between Woodbine Street and the WIS 13/54/73 intersection.

WIS 54/73 and Gaynor Avenue roundabout

This roundabout was one of the first constructed in Wisconsin. Improvements to design standards include signing and pavement marking on roundabout approaches to more effectively manage traffic. Large trucks moving in a westbound/southbound direction occasionally encroach into adjacent lanes. We plan to address this traffic movement by improving the signing and pavement marking approaching the roundabout. ​

Proposed improvements

  • Partial reconstruction/widening of WIS 54/73 to provide two westbound/southbound lanes from the Gaynor Avenue roundabout to Woodbine Street
  • Traffic signal timing upgrades at WIS 13/54/73 to optimize traffic movements through the intersection
  • Four driveways will be removed from WIS 54/73 and relocated
  • Pavement marking and signing improvements along WIS 54/73 between Gaynor Avenue and Woodbine Street to improve traffic movements entering the 17th/Gaynor Avenue roundabout

The city of Wisconsin Rapids is currently evaluating the need and potential schedule for pavement, signing and marking maintenance within the roundabout. These maintenance activities may coincide with the improvements to WIS 54/73.

​​Traffic impacts

Construction is not currently scheduled. However, improvements could begin as early as 2018 if funds become available.  

During construction, WIS 54/73 and the WIS 13/54/73 intersection will remain open to traffic. Motorists can expect to encounter periodic flagging operations and single lane closures. Some brief nighttime closures will be necessary to install overhead signs.

Access to adjacent properties will be maintained during construction; however, brief interruptions in access may occur temporarily at driveways when work is occurring​ directly in front of your home or business. ​


  • Public involvement meeting - August 23, 2016
  • Real estate acquisitions - Summer 2016 to fall 2017
  • Final plans completed - November 2017
  • Construction - Currently scheduled for 2019 (updated May 18, 2018)


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