WIS 82 Adams/Marquette County


WIS 82, WIS 13 to Marquette County Line, Adams County

WIS 82, Bridge Over Neenah Creek, Village of Oxford, Marquette County


WIS 82 is an important east-west route that is classified as a principal arterial and is a designated long truck route. The existing pavement is showing many signs of deterioration and is the primary need for the project. Other identified needs include:

  • Guardrail that is near the end of its useful service life
  • Lack of bicycle accommodations between County G south and County G north, which is identified as a bicycle route in the Adams County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.
  • Preventing deterioration of the bridge deck on the bridge over Neenah Creek

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Proposed Improvements

Proposed improvements to address the identified needs include:

  • Pavement replacement from WIS 13 to the Marquette County Line
    • Remove the existing concrete overlay
    • Pulverize the underlying asphalt, including 2" of the existing base course
    • Reuse the pulverized asphalt as base course
    • Place an 8" standard, doweled concrete pavement on top
  • Replace guardrail
  • Replace curb & gutter
  • Widen paved shoulders to 5' between County G south and County G north
  • Removal of the west leg of Fox Avenue intersection
  • Asphalt overlay on the bridge over Neenah Creek

The proposed improvements are split into two construction projects. One project will include the pavement replacement from WIS 13 to County B and the overlay on the bridge over Neenah Creek, and the other project will include the pavement replacement from County B to the Marquette County Line (see the Project Overview Display).

Existing Pavement vs. Proposed Pavement

The existing pavement structure consists of a concrete overlay that was placed on top of the existing asphalt pavement. This overlay was only intended to rehabilitate the existing pavement to extend the service life, and therefore was thinner than standard concrete pavement. The intention was that the concrete “float" and move freely on top of the asphalt, which is why there are many joints and very little reinforcement between slabs. After many years in service, the concrete is deteriorating, causing shifting between slabs and pop outs at the joints, creating a very rough ride.

The proposed pavement structure will consist of a standard 8" doweled concrete pavement on top of pulverized asphalt that will be reused as base course. This is considered to be a complete pavement replacement, which will reset the service life of the roadway and pavement. There will only be joints every 15' along the roadway, and dowel bars will be installed at each joint. The dowel bars will help to transfer the load of a vehicle from one slab to the next, which will prevent shifting and deterioration at the joints.

See the Pavement Structure Display for a visual comparison of the existing and proposed pavement structures.

Traffic Impacts

The pavement replacement will be constructed under a closed roadway with a posted detour. The detour will use WIS 13, WIS 23, and I-39 (see the Proposed Detour Route Display). Access to local residences, businesses, farming operations, and emergency services will be maintained during construction.

The asphalt overlay on the bridge over Neenah Creek in the Village of Oxford will remain open to traffic during construction. The traffic control will consist of single lane closures with flagging operations.

Current Schedule

  • February 2020 – Complete Design
  • Summer 2020 – Construction of project from County B to Marquette County Line
    • A Construction Information Meeting will be held prior to construction
    • Construction is expected to begin in June and end in November
  • Summer 2022 – Construction of project from WIS 13 to County B and on the bridge over Neenah Creek
    • Could be constructed earlier if funding is available.


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