WIS 55/WIS 114 - Calumet County

project location map

NOTE: This project will be constructed in 2022. Please see the Northeast Region Construction Website​ for construction information.

Project location​​

WIS 114/55 from US 10 to the South Junction of WIS 114/WIS 55 in the villages of Harrison and Sherwood in Calumet County. There are two project segments within the project limits, each identified by a unique project ID. Both projects will be constructed concurrently.

  • Project ID 4580-10-71: WIS 114/55 from US 10 to Castle Drive
  • Project ID 4670-10-71: Castle Drive to South Junction of WIS 114/WIS 55

Project location

Project need

The roadway pavement is at the end of its useful life. It has had several short-term asphalt overlays with limited pavement treatments done to address the underlying roadway. A higher-level pavement improvement is needed to ensure a long-lasting roadway. If the roadway pavement condition is not addressed, it will continue to deteriorate. Poor pavement condition and deterioration results in a poor ride for vehicles, increased maintenance costs, decreased serviceability of the roadway, and decreased safety for motorists. Geometric improvements are needed to increase intersection and roadway safety.

Proposed improvements

Each roadway section has various improvements proposed. Both segment improvements are detailed below and can be viewed project display maps.

The proposed improvements for Project ID 4580-10-71 include:

  • Mill/overlay of the existing asphaltic pavement, including at the roundabouts at County N/Fire Lane 13 and WIS 55/Stommel Road intersections with WIS 114.
  • At locations where concrete is directly under the asphalt, removal of existing deteriorated pavement, rubbilize the existing old concrete beneath the roadway to be utilized as a base, placement of a base aggregate layer above the rubbilized​ concrete, and placement of new asphaltic pavement on the newly constructed base.
  • Widening of the existing paved shoulders from 3 feet to 5 feet
  • Geometric roadway improvements at the State Park Road, Pigeon Road, and Castle Drive intersections with WIS 114:
    • Extension of the right turn lane from WIS 114 eastbound to State Park Road southbound.
    • Addition of a right turn lane from WIS 114 westbound to State Park Road northbound which will include a reconstruction of the northern half of the State Park Road intersection to accommodate the right turn lane.
    • Addition of a right turn island and bay from Pigeon Road northbound to WIS 114 eastbound to separate right turns at the intersection.
    • Addition of a right turn lane from WIS 114 eastbound to Castle Drive which will include reconstruction of the Castle Drive intersection to accommodate the right turn lane that will include a truck apron to accommodate semi-truck movements at the intersection.
  • Centerline and shoulder rumble strips
  • Miscellaneous curb and gutter repair
  • Pavement markings
  • Railroad crossing surface replacement
  • View project 4580-10-71 exhibit

The proposed improvements for Project ID 4670-10-71 include:

  • Mill/overlay of the existing pavement
  • Curb ramp improvements to meet current ADA standards where possible
  • Miscellaneous curb and gutter repair
  • Shoulder rumble strips in rural areas
  • Pavement markings
  • Resurfacing of parking Lanes
  • Base and subgrade repairs where needed
  • Frost heave repairs at two culverts at the south end of the project
  • View project 4670-10-71 exhibit

​Right-of-way needs

WisDOT will need to acquire small portions of property at various locations throughout the corridor to accommodate roadway geometric improvements at the intersections as well as for the curb ramp improvements. Right of way acquisition will take place in the form of Temporary Limited Easements (TLEs) and permanent acquisition (FEE). Department staff will contact you if your property is affected.

Traffic impacts

The roadway will be constructed over a series of construction stages to minimize impacts to the travelling public. Throughout construction portions of WIS 114/55 will be closed and detoured with the construction stages, as well as various other traffic impacts occurring throughout construction including single lane closures, flagging, and shoulder closures. Access to property owners and businesses along WIS 114/55 will be maintained throughout the project. Due to weather and variations in construction scheduling all timeframes and order of stages provided may vary.

Proposed construction stages

  • ​Stage 1: Consists of work primarily in the village of Sherwood. During stage 1, motorists can expect single lane closures, flagging, and shoulder/parking lane closures, temporary pedestrian access rerouting/sidewalk detours along with the following road closures/detours:
    • A 2 to 3-week closure for culvert, base/subgrade repair, and intersection work in the village of Sherwood is proposed. A detour will be provided that utilizes US 10 to WIS 32/57 to WIS 114 and vice versa.
  • Stage 2: Consists of work primarily between the village of Sherwood and the WIS 55/WIS 114 roundabout (including the roundabout). During stage 2, motorists can expect single lane closures, flagging, and shoulder closures, with the following road closures/detours:
    • Castle Dr. will be closed at the WIS 114 intersection for reconstruction of the intersection. This closure will last approximately 3 weeks.
    • A 1 to 2-week closure of the WIS 55/WIS 114/Stommel Road roundabout for resurfacing and other work at the roundabout. A detour will be provided using US 10 to County M and vice versa
  • Stage 3: Consists of work primarily north of the WIS 55/WIS 114/Stommel Road roundabout to just south of the interchange of US 10 and WIS 114.
    • During stage 3, this portion of WIS 114 will be closed to thru traffic for the majority of the work. The State Park Road and Pigeon Road intersections will also be closed. A detour will be provided using US 10 to WIS 55 and vice versa.


  • The project will be constructed in calendar year 2022. 
    • Construction contract terms have the project beginning between April and June of 2022. Work is expected to take 4 to 5 months for completion. Construction could extend into October 2022.
    • Note: The contractor determines the final schedule following letting of project.
Public involvement

  • ​A construction update meeting is scheduled for October 13, 2021. Please see details at top of page.
  • After the contract is awarded, the contractor and WisDOT will hold a public construction meeting shortly before construction to review final contractor schedule.

Temporary business signing

Temporary business signing may be placed during the detoured portion of the project by filling out a WisDOT business signing permit. All temporary business signing needs approval via the permit before placement to ensure it is in a safe location and does not pose a visual distraction or traffic hazard. The temporary business signing permit is free. Costs associated with creating the temporary sign are the responsibility of the business. Please keep the following items in mind regarding business signing:

  • Temporary business signing cannot be placed on traffic control devices or state signs. Business signs attached to these devices will be removed.
  • It is encouraged that businesses team up to have multiple businesses advertised on one sign structure versus several individual signs. This makes it easier for travelers to identify signs and find their destination.
  • The permit is available as a fillable-form WORD document (below) or you can request one from one of the project contacts listed below.

In This Together Business Resource

WisDOT recognizes businesses located in work zones have special needs. While signing and other marketing/advertising during the construction is up to the business, WisDOT has business resources available through its “In This Together” website to assist businesses with planning for construction closures and to minimize the impact of construction. For more information, please visit WisDOT’s In This Together website.​

Project contacts

If you have any questions regarding this project, please feel free to email or call any of the project staff listed below.

Joshua Lang, P.E., Design Project Leader
WisDOT – Northeast Region
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304-5344
Phone: (920) 492-4141

Tim Verhagen​, P.E., Design Project Manager
WisDOT – Northeast Region
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304-5344
Phone: (920) 362-1267

Brian Haen, P.E., Construction Project Manager
WisDOT – Northeast Region
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304-5344
Phone: (920) 366-4788