US 45 Improvement Project - Maps, exhibits and displays

​US 45 resurfacing between the village of Eden and the city of Fond du Lac

The 5.7 mile segment from Eden to Fond du Lac will consist of resurfacing the roadway with spot improvements for safety and maintenance. 

The below construction detail maps show existing and future right-of-way, temporary limited easements, and slope intercepts for the resurfacing portion of the project. Each of the five maps represent a portion of the US 45 resurfacing, beginning at the southern limits of the project (Map 1) and north to Eden (Map 5).

Village of Eden Reconstruction:

WIS 45 in the village of Eden improvements include:

  • Widen roadway 1 – 2 feet
  • Replace terraces in kind
  • Replace storm sewer
  • Widen railroad crossing and remove signals
  • Bump-out at mid block crossing on Fond du Lac Avenue
  • Replace large culvert on County Road B
  • Minor right of way needed at Main Street intersections
  • Strip taking at Fond du Lac Avenue

The below construction detail maps show roadway design, sidewalk, curb & gutter, driveway, existing and future right of way, temporary limited easements and tree removal within village limits.

Typical roadway section and proposed improvements

Existing roadway section, Elm Street to the north village limits 

The existing US 45 facility in Eden is a two-lane, urban section with parking and sidewalks on both sides that traverses Eden east to west from Elm Street to Fond du Lac Avenue, and north to south along Fond du Lac Avenue from Main Street to the north village limits.

  • The existing section on the east/west leg of US 45 consists of two, 20-foot lanes, 2.5-foot curb and gutter (44 feet face-to-face), a 5-foot grass terrace, and 5-foot sidewalk, for an overall roadway width of 65 feet. There are areas adjacent to businesses near the downtown area that have abutting walk between the curb and building faces. The existing right of way is 66 feet. 
  • The existing section on the north/south leg of US 45 consists of two 20 foot lanes, 2.5 foot curb and gutter (44 feet face to face), a 2.5 foot grass terrace, and 4 foot sidewalk, for an overall roadway width of 58 feet.  There is existing parking allowed along both sides of the street.  The existing right of way is 49.5 feet with the existing sidewalk located outside of the right of way.

New roadway section, Elm Street to north village limits:

  • Two, 11-foot driving lanes
  • Two, 10 to 11-foot parking lanes
  • 2.5-foot curb and gutter
  • 4.5-foot grass terrace
  • 5-foot sidewalk
  • Overall roadway width of 66 feet 
  • Existing areas adjacent to businesses in the downtown area that currently have abutting sidewalk between the curb and building faces will have abutting sidewalk replaced.
  • View typical roadway sections for County B, Main Street, Fond du Lac Avenue  

New roadway section, north village limits to County V

  • The existing US 45 facility from the village of Eden to County V in the city of Fond du Lac is a 2-lane rural roadway.  It consists of two, 12-foot lanes, 3-foot paved shoulders, and 2-foot aggregate shoulders. The majority of the existing right of way is 66 feet.
  • The proposed typical section for the resurfacing consists of two, 12-foot driving lanes and 5-foot shoulders.
    • 4-feet of the shoulder will be paved between the north village limits and County UU, and between Reinhardt Road and County V in Fond du Lac.
    • The reminder of the project will have 3-foot paved shoulders.
  • There will be spot improvement along US 45 which includes beam guard upgrades, culvert replacements and a vertical curve correction.
  • View US 45 roadway sections (County UU to Renhardt Road, Renhardt Road to County V) 

DeNeveu Creek

The deck of the existing bridge over DeNeveu Creek will be replaced as part of this project. The existing structure was built in 1978, and received an asphalt overlay on the deck in 1997. The overlay is nearing the end of its useful life and has already been patched in several locations.