US 45 Improvement Project - Safety Improvements

​The Wisconsin Department of Transportation mission is to provide leadership in the development and operation of a safe and efficient transportation system. Safety is first and foremost in every highway project we design.

The US 45 Project will provide safety corrections to areas that have crash trends and improve substandard intersection geometrics to meet current safety and design standards. You can find details of the safety improvements below. Safety improvements on the US 45 Project include:

  • Beam guard upgrades
  • Centerline rumble strips
  • Obstacle removal in the clear zone
  • Geometric improvements
  • Intersection improvements
  • Culvert replacements
  • Rehabilitation of the bridge over the DeNeveu Creek

US 45/County H intersection improvement

East of the US 45, County H splits and forms two intersections with US 45. Both of the intersections have substandard geometrics (do not form a 90 degree intersection). Safety improvements include: 

  • The existing County H intersection will be relocated and reconstructed to meet current design standards.
    • Both current intersections will close.
    • The area south of the County H intersection will be improved by relocating the County H intersection further north and creating a cul-de-sac.
    • A new, safer 90 degree intersection will be constructed. This is the ideal angle for motorists to be able to see in both directions, enabling them to make easier and safer decisions before entering traffic.
    •  A portion of US 45 will also be reconstructed to lessen the superelevation of the horizontal curve in this area.
    • View new US 45/County H intersection detail
  • A bypass lane and right-turn lane will be constructed at the County H intersection to reduce potential rear-end crashes.
    • This type of intersection, with a right-turn lane and a bypass lane, is standard on Wisconsin roadways. Travelers from outside of the area with be familiar with the design.

Safety corrections

Areas that have crash trends will also be addressed.

  • The horizontal curve north of County UU is being reconstructed to lessen the superelevation from 10% down to 6%.
  • The horizontal curve north of Oak Hill Road is being reconstructed to lessen the superelevation from 11% down to 6%.
  • The horizontal curve south of Overland Trail will be reconstructed to lessen the superelevation from 11% to 6%.
  • The horizontal curve at the County K east intersection will be reconstructed to reduce the superelevation from 11% to 6%.
    • The profile on US 45 east of County K intersection is substandard and restricts the intersection sight distance on County K, which contributes to the crashes in this area.

Centerline rumble strips

  • Centerline rumble strips will be installed on the resurface project from County UU to County K (west) to reduce any vehicle lane deviation issues. 

Tree removal

  • Trees located in the clear zone of a roadway pose a hazard to motorists. Some trees will be removed for safety reasons. Please see tree removal page for more details.

Pavement markings

  • New signing and pavement marking will also be installed as part of the construction projects.

Highway shoulders

  • The asphalt shoulder will be widened by 1’ from the village of Eden to County UU and also from Reinhardt Road to the north end of the project.

DeNeveu Creek

The deck of the existing bridge over DeNeveu Creek will be replaced as part of this project. The existing structure was built in 1978, and received an asphalt overlay on the deck in 1997. The overlay is nearing the end of its useful life and has already been patched in several locations.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) charged Fond du Lac County with the responsibility to further study and determine the best course of action to offset drainage impacts that came about from years of nearby development. The US 45 roadway is not causing runoff into Lake DeNeveu. Any alteration of the overall drainage patterns is beyond the scope of the US 45 resurfacing project. Any questions or concerns regarding runoff should be brought to the attention of Fond du Lac County.