WIS 47 Corridor Preservation Study

​Project location

WIS 47, Appleton to Black Creek, in Outagamie County (I-41 to WIS 54)

WIS 47 project location 

Project location in pdf

Project overview

This is a Corridor Preservation Study in Outagamie County on WIS 47. The corridor study limits are I-41 near Appleton to WIS 54 near Black Creek. The purpose of this study is to develop and map a 4-lane expansion from the south limits north to County O, and to explore and map a passing lane alternative from County O to WIS 54. The WIS 47 and County Road A intersection will also be mapped for a possible future improvement project.

Note: There is NO construction planned at this time

Why is this needed?

This study is necessary because WIS 47 is a connecting corridor from Appleton to northern Wisconsin. The study consists of two different study segments along WIS 47. Development and traffic are increasing rapidly on the south end of the corridor, but increasing less further north on the corridor. Due to the traffic variances, WisDOT is conducting two different study segments.

This study originated in 2007, and the new schedule reflects recent changes to the study limits. The original study's northern limit was WIS 29 in Shawano County. WisDOT North Central Region constructed passing lanes from WIS 54 north to WIS 29, and the newest traffic projections are low for that section. It was determined that the northern section of the original study could be removed, and efforts concentrated on WIS 54 to the south.

What the study does

The purpose of the study is to officially map WIS 47 under State Statute 84.295. The study will create a long range plan for the WIS 47 corridor to:

  • Improve mobility and operating capacity by reducing congestion and travel time.
  • Improve safety near the WIS 47 and County Road A intersection.
  • Develop transportation improvements that are compatible with comprehensive plans.

What the study means to citizens

The goal of public involvement includes initiating and maintaining open channels of communication between the study team and study stakeholders. Stakeholder coordination is the mechanism by which the study team will receive input from the stakeholders. Through a proactive, public involvement approach, the team will receive comments, develop consensus and make project decisions.

Objectives include:

  • Allow citizens to stay informed about future improvements along the WIS 47 corridor.
  • Allow growth in the area according to future transportation plans.
  • Help to keep lower the cost of future improvements by preventing the need for the expensive acquisition of developed properties along the corridor.

Major steps in preparing the plan

The study process will include the following:

  • Agency and stakeholder coordination
  • Public involvement
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Conduct environmental report
  • Identify geometric deficiencies
  • Analyze traffic operations
  • Analyze mainline capacity and forecast traffic volumes
  • Provide existing conditions report
  • Document other issues that may affect delivery and reconstruction of highway segments (utilities, right of way needs, etc.)
  • Estimate alternative construction costs
  • Map the corridor for future reconstruction alternatives