WIS 57 Improvements

This project website outlines the WIS 57/Riverside Drive reconstruction project scheduled for 2021/2022. For information on the interim pavement improvement project in 2016, please see the interim project's webpage.

The latest on WIS 57/Riverside Drive reconstruction

Following extensive outreach and coordination with Allouze/DePere public officials and residents, a preferred alternative has been chosen for the WIS 57/Riverside reconstruction in Allouez and De Pere.

Read news release announcing the preferred alternative 

Read WIS 57 preferred alternative handout


Based on public comment and Allouez local official support for minimizing impacts to the width of the roadway, the preferred alternative does not include a wide outside lane in the Allouez portion of the reconstruction project. Local officials in Allouez have requested sidewalk for some portion of WIS 57/Riverside Drive, including throughout the project limits on the east side.

Allouez WIS 57/Riverside Drive non-wide outside lane road segment

Allouez/De Pere proposed sidewalk locations, north

Allouez/De Pere proposed sidewalk locations, south

WIS 57/Riverside Drive exhibit south section

WIS 57/Riverside Drive exhibit middle section

WIS 57/Riverside Drive exhibit north section

De Pere

Based on local officials support, the preferred alternative includes a wide outside lane in the De Pere section of the reconstruction project. Local officials in De Pere have requested sidewalk on both sides as well.

De Pere WIS 57/Riverside Drive wide outside typical road segment

De Pere proposed sidewalk locations

WIS 57/Riverside Drive exhibit

Project location

  • WIS 57/Broadway St. (Randall Ave. to north city limits) in the city of De Pere, Brown County
  • WIS 57/Riverside Dr. (south village limits to north village limits, just north of Marine St.) in the village of Allouez, Brown County

Project overview

  • Reconstructing the existing urban section to address the pavement condition
  • Evaluating the operational and safety needs of the roadway
  • Providing accommodations for non-motorized transportation users
  • Replacing underlying utilities
  • Anticipated project length is 3.4 miles
  • New right of way is expected to be needed for the project

Why is this project needed?

The need for the project can be attributed to the deteriorating condition of the existing pavement. The road was last resurfaced in 2000 and is in need of another improvement. The underlying utilities are beyond their service life and in need of repair. Due to the current condition of the utilities and the pavement, this project will be a full urban reconstruct.

With a full reconstruct of WIS 57, there is also the need to improve safety concerns. Issues such as poor sight distance at corners and sight distance issues near the railroad bridge will be addressed. Providing safer pedestrian crossings within the project limits is another need that has been identified and will be included with the project.

The purpose of the project will be to improve safety and traffic operations issues that exist throughout the corridor as well as improving the mobility and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

The reconstruction of WIS 57 will enhance safety and mobility, while improving a degrading infrastructure. The project also includes new storm sewer, pavement, and curb and gutter. Installation of bicycle and pedestrian accommodations will also be constructed in some portions of the project, including a proposed nine, new pedestrian crossings.


Current year/future years

  • Preliminary design work
  • 2016 - Environmental report (ER) completion
  • 2016 - Begin final design work (after ER approval)
  • 2016 - Interim pavement improvement project Riverside Drive
  • 2017 - Real estate needs identified
  • Public and local official involvement meetings
  • 2020 - Utility relocations anticipated
  • 2021/2022 - Construction anticipated

Outreach history:

  • Four public involvement meetings 2012-2015
  • Five local official meetings 2012-2016
  • Six stakeholder meeting 2013-2015
  • Numerous village and city board meetings

Past public involvement





  • Fall 2012 - Project survey started