Environmental Accommodations

​Environmental Accommodations

The following section will detail the actions WisDOT plans to take to mitigate the impacts to the natural, social and economic environment that may be caused by construction in the Hudson/North Hudson area.

  • To reduce impacts on both businesses and the overall community, access to residences will be maintained and temporary traffic signals will be installed to maintain mobility across the Lake Mallalieu/Willow River bridge. This action will allow motorists to access local businesses in the area without having to deal with restricted access.
  • To reduce impacts on surface water resources, no in-stream disturbance will be allowed between September 15 and May 15, 2021. Best management practices (BMPs) will be utilized to minimize impacts to fish and other aquatic organisms during sensitive time periods such as spawning and migration.
  • Special provisions will be incorporated into the project to address the potential excavation of contaminated areas which may contain hazardous substances and/or asbestos.
  • A stormwater permit will be obtained for the project.
  • Erosion control measures will be coordinated through the WisDOT/WDNR liaison process. The design process will ensure that appropriate provisions and details are included in the plans and specifications for each project.